Meet the Team

The Razorthorn Team

The best way to provide our clients with great service every day is with the best people who truly love where they work – welcome to the Razorthorn team!

  • James Rees PCI DSS QSA, CISM, ISO27001

    Managing Director

    James is the MD and principle Security Consultant of Razorthorn and has worked in information security for over twenty years, delivering quality advice to some of the largest and most influential organisations in the world, including many in the Fortune 500. James an expert in ensuring that both the business and information technology work in unison to create a solid security infrastructure that effectively protects the business. James is a published journalist and is a regular contributor in the field of information security. Fun fact: James is accomplished in medieval sword fighting, knife fighting and also isn’t bad with an axe.

  • Christopher Hayward BSc/BSc, CISMP, ISTQB, APM-PFQ, ISO27001 (known as Jamie)

    Information Security Consultant

    Jamie is an experienced Information Security Professional with over seven years of experience in the financial and insurance industry. Driven by a passion to learn, he has had a broad range of early careers including biochemical research scientist, accountant, IT test manager and project manager. Jamie has now dedicated his career to ensuring businesses receive honest security advice that is useful, relevant and absent of overbearing sales techniques. He is extremely happy to have joined Razorthorn, as their values parallel his own.

  • Sophia Durham


    Sophia Durham is Razorthorn’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), with over 8 years of experience in the cyber security sector. An experienced manager, Sophia has a passion for promoting team spirit and strengthening company culture. Sophia’s passion lies in sales management, business development, customer success, communications, strategic partnership and organisational change. Sophia’s personal philosophy is to work hard and to work smart; being purposeful in everything she does whilst making sure to leave room to enjoy the journey.

  • Abi Bayley ACIM

    Head of Marketing

    Responsible for keeping Razorthorn in the top of everyone’s minds, Abi is Razorthorn’s Head of Marketing. With a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing and a degree in Economics, Abi has been working in marketing for 15 years, in both an in-house and agency capacity and specialises in brand management. Creative, analytical and strategic, Abi also works closely with Razorthorn’s hand-picked solution providers. Outside of work, Abi loves drawing and photography, baking wedding cakes and going to the gym. Fun fact: Abi is a huge fan of Harry Potter and is a Gryffindor.

  • Sian Concannon

    Head of Finance & HR

    Sian responsible for raising invoices, managing the company accounts and chasing any outstanding payments that may be due, or overdue. After being indispensable to the running of Razorthorn for 3 years, Sian also provides account management for Razorthorn’s sister companies and is currently studying for a HR certification. Outside of work, Sian can be found roleplaying (or sword swinging as fellow employees call it), exploring the woods with her daughter and taking her to theme parks. Fun fact: Sian is another big fan of Harry Potter (along with Abi) and is in Ravenclaw.

  • Michael Aguilera

    Security Consultant

    Michael has been working in the information security industry for several years and is a Razorthorn Security Consultant and Penetration Tester. He holds the OSCP certification and is always striving to learn more to expand his horizons. Michael is an expert in penetration testing and branches towards other roles in security consulting, providing a unique perspective. In his spare time, Michael enjoys training and photography.

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