“I initially approached Razorthorn to help Mission Labs achieve PCI DSS SAQ D certification and since then, Razorthorn have also helped us achieve a PCI DSS ROC Tier 1 payment provider certification. I hadn’t worked with Razorthorn before, but I had been impressed by several customer testimonials and reviews.

The support the team gave us during the consultation leading up to our PCI DSS audit was fantastic. The requirements were clearly explained and the evidence was reviewed in line with the audit. Throughout the consultation I found the process informative regarding the entire subject of PCI governance, allowing us to put the best possible processes and procedures in place that not only supports our ongoing compliance, but allows the product to grow in line with the business. Razorthorn made themselves available extremely quickly, there was no need to book in a meeting days later, all I had to do was pick up the phone.

The first project was a huge success, resulting in rapid product growth, so much so that movement up to Tier 1 status was quickly required. Razorthorn were on hand for consultation throughout the process. I was impressed by the speed of response and turnaround time of support, which is something Mission Labs also takes seriously.  The way in which Razorthorn is placed is much like Mission Labs in terms of speed and turnaround when support is required in any matter of compliance. The entire Razorthorn team are subject matter experts and always happy to give time to offer support and advice.

I would 100% recommend working with Razorthorn. They’re a great group of people to work with, both in terms of expertise and personality. I look forward to continuing to grow the relationship Razorthorn.”

Ken Barlow
Senior Business Analyst, Mission Labs

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