Criminal Minds: How the Cyber Crime World Works

Sun Tzu wrote that if you know your enemy and yourself then you need not fear the outcome of all your battles. In this episode, we discuss the enemy, how they work, how the larger gangs are set up and the dangers of large, organised cybercrime gangs vs the smaller gangs. We also take a look at how they chose a target and why.  

And for this, we have been joined by two new guests today – Richard Cassidy, Cyber Security Consultant and Victor Acin, leader of the Kraken Labs unit at Outpost24. 

Further, Richard and Victor shared an analysis of ongoing cyber attacks from a psychological perspective and a history of ransomware attacks.   

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In this episode, we covered the following topics: 

  • What kind of cybercriminals are there, and what are their motives? 
  • An analysis of ongoing cyber attacks from a psychological perspective 
  • History of ransomware attacks  
  • Changing mindsets of cyber criminals and their attack methods 


Richard Cassidy 

Richard Cassidy has been consulting businesses on cybersecurity strategies and programs for more than two decades. During his career Richard has been heavily engaged in the design and implementation of infrastructure & cyber security solutions, helping organizations in evolving security, compliance, risk management, data assurance, automation, orchestration and breach response practices.  

Richard has led major breach investigations across CNI (Critical National Infrastructure), Finance, Military and Educational institutions over the past decade, with specific expertise in financial fraud investigations on SWIFT payment networks. Richard is an active industry contributor, regularly delivering speaker sessions at events including SANS, BlackHat, IP Expo, InfoSec, FS-ISAC and security seminars EMEA-wide. 

Victor Acin 

Victor Acin has been working in threat intelligence since 2016 and is now leading the Kraken Labs unit at Outpost24, performing tasks related to the generation of threat intelligence (mainly reverse engineering of malicious samples and research of global actors), and the development of the department’s internal products, such as the malware analysis sandbox. In addition, he has also worked as an ethical hacker, performing penetration tests against web applications, external and internal infrastructure, and mobile devices.   

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