CISO As A Service

Razorthorn’s CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) provides a convenient and cost-effective way for any organisation to access high level security expertise effortlessly. This service goes beyond the knowledge of a single individual; it harnesses the collective expertise of Razorthorn’s information security specialists, offering a comprehensive solution.

By leveraging Razorthorn’s CISOaaS, organisations can seamlessly adjust the scale of the service to meet their specific business requirements. This flexibility allows them to remain fully focused on their core business objectives while simultaneously benefiting from Razorthorn’s extensive experience and proficiency in developing and maintaining a resilient information security management system. Additionally, Razorthorn’s experts support a wide range of organisations, enabling them to incorporate valuable insights from various industries and apply lessons learned to enhance your security measures.

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The benefits of CISO as a Service

Risk management

Our services encompass strategic leadership, efficient coordination and valuable advice on implementing the most appropriate security practices and policies. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive network wide review of your existing security systems and develop strategic plans for future security projects, ensuring a proactive approach to safeguarding your organisation.

Ensure compliance

Our team of experts provides tailored guidance to ensure your information security policies and procedures align with all relevant industry regulations. We offer comprehensive support in implementing the right measures to achieve and maintain compliance, mitigating potential risks and protecting your reputation.

Complete visibility

Gain a holistic understanding of your security landscape by placing your security efforts within the broader context of the latest industry trends and technologies. Our comprehensive assessments encompass the identification of threats and vulnerabilities that could potentially impact your organisation, empowering you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures.

Control Spending

We optimise your security budgets by directing resources towards protecting your business critical assets. By identifying and defending high risk areas where a security breach could have severe consequences, we ensure your organisation is well prepared and adequately protected.

Peace of mind

Our services include thorough analysis and investigation of any security incidents, allowing for timely resolution and minimising potential damage. Additionally, we provide quarterly reporting on operational security, delivering valuable insights and peace of mind regarding the state of your organisation’s security posture.

The Razorthorn Approach

A scalable service

Razorthorn’s CISOaaS offers flexibility and is designed to align seamlessly with the specific needs and budget of your organisation. Whether you require our expertise for a short term project or a long term partnership, the choice is yours, allowing you to leverage our experience as per your requirements.

Information security review

Our service entails a thorough and meticulously documented assessment of your existing information security practices. This evaluation is conducted against Razorthorn’s tailored and bespoke security framework, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s current security baseline.

Information security standard

We provide a curated list of relevant information security controls that are specifically customised to suit the unique needs and context of your organisation. This bespoke approach ensures that the identified controls effectively reduce your risk profile to an acceptable level, mitigating potential threats and vulnerabilities that your organisation may face.

Strategic information security plan

Our service includes the development of a robust remediation plan, based on the comprehensive output of the risk assessment. This plan is specifically designed to bridge the gap between your organisation’s current security posture and the desired levels of security, providing a clear roadmap for improvement.

Long term strategic partnership

At Razorthorn, we are committed to working alongside your organisation to implement any necessary remedial activities identified in the assessment phase. We provide extensive support throughout the transition from reactive, IT-driven information security processes to a proactive and risk-driven approach. This ensures that your organisation not only meets all legal and regulatory obligations but also establishes a resilient and proactive security framework.

Team mentoring

If desired, our experienced Razorthorn CISO will dedicate time and effort to train and mentor a designated team member within your organisation. This comprehensive mentoring process ensures that the designated individual gains the necessary expertise and confidence to effectively assume the responsibilities of the CISO role. We strive to ensure that the designated team member achieves the required level of experience and proficiency.

Why choose Razorthorn for CISO as a Service?

Cost-effective solution

Opting for CISOaaS provides significant financial advantages compared to internal hiring, especially when establishing a new role within your business. The service can be easily scaled up or down to align with your specific business requirements, ensuring optimal cost efficiency.

Unparalleled information security expertise

CISOaaS goes beyond individual knowledge by harnessing the collective expertise of Razorthorn’s information security specialists. Your organisation gains access to our extensive experience and profound understanding of the field, enabling you to benefit from top tier information security guidance and support.

Over 25 years’ experience

Razorthorn’s experts have successfully assisted numerous organisations across diverse industries. This wealth of experience allows them to bring valuable lessons learned from other sectors to address your organisation’s unique information security needs effectively.

Make the most of our expertise

Outsourcing the CISO role empowers organisations to maintain a sharp focus on their core business objectives while leveraging Razorthorn’s expertise and experience. By partnering with us, you can confidently develop and maintain a robust information security framework, ensuring the protection of your critical assets and mitigating potential risks.

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