Cyber Security Review

Razorthorn’s Cyber Security Review will establish a solid foundation upon which to improve, building and strengthening your cyber security resilience. The assessment will help you identify current security strengths and weaknesses and ensure that you are protecting your most important business assets. 

Our highly qualified and experienced cyber security consultants can help identify the gaps within your current cyber security posture, assessing the effectiveness and efficiency against a range of industry best practices and standards.

We provide prioritised recommendations to mitigate any potential risks that are discovered. We will provide a detailed report describing your current cyber risk status and will leverage best practices, like ISO 27001, CIS 20 Critical Controls and NIST, to provide practical and actionable recommendations for reducing your overall cyber risk footprint.

Our experienced cyber security consultants will audit your cyber capabilities from two main perspectives: information security governance and technical security controls to ensure the proper security controls, policies and procedures are in place and working effectively.

Key Considerations

  • Have you identified your key information assets and assessed their vulnerability to attack?
  • Do you have appropriate information security policies and procedures?
  • Has responsibility for cyber risk been allocated and is it on the risk register?
  • Do you have an effective risk governance structure?
  • Are your technical controls effectiveness and in line with your business requirements?

The Benefits of a Cyber Security Review

Risk Assessment - security

Identify gaps in security and highlight weaknesses

Risk Assessment - identify priorities

Prioritise remediation actions to improve your cyber security resilience

Risk Assessment - security assurance

Provide assurance to vendors and clients

Risk Assessment - reporting

Receive the information you need to develop a business case for improving your security

Risk Assessment - budget

Prioritise investment of resources and budget

Robust security programme

Reassurance in your security programme and the actions you are taking

Cyber Security Review Enquiry

Is your current security programme doing enough to protect you against the latest cyber security threats? Get in touch and we’d be happy to advise you on the next steps for improving your organisation’s security.

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