DORA Compliance: Boost Your Digital Operational Resilience

Welcome to Razorthorn, your trusted partner in achieving comprehensive compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (Regulation (EU) 2022/2554), or DORA. Compliance with DORA will be mandatory from 25th January 2025. It’s designed to ensure that financial organisations can withstand, respond to and recover from all types of ICT related disruptions and threats.

As the January 2025 deadline approaches, financial organisations must prioritise cybersecurity measures to meet the stringent requirements of DORA. Razorthorn, as an established cybersecurity consultancy, can help empower your organisation to navigate the complexities of DORA, to help ensure operational resilience, data protection and regulatory compliance.

DORA compliance helps your organisation to:


Mitigate cybersecurity threats and related risks


Recover from ICT-related disruptions more effectively


Avoid non-compliance fines and penalties

Who will be affected by the DORA compliance regulation?

As noted in Article 2, the Digital Operational Resilience Act applies to the following types of entity:

  • Credit institutions
  • Payment institutions, including payment institutions exempted pursuant to Directive (EU) 2015/2366
  • Account information service providers
  • Electronic money institutions, including electronic money institutions exempted pursuant to Directive 2009/110/EC
  • Investment firms
  • Crypto-asset service providers and issuers of asset-referenced tokens
  • Central securities depositories
  • Central counterparties
  • Trading venues
  • Trade repositories
  • Managers of alternative investment funds
  • Management companies
  • Data reporting service providers
  • Insurance and reinsurance undertakings
  • Insurance intermediaries, reinsurance intermediaries and ancillary insurance intermediaries
  • Institutions for occupational retirement provision
  • Credit rating agencies
  • Administrators of critical benchmarks
  • Crowdfunding service providers
  • Securitisation repositories
  • ICT third-party service providers.

How can Razorthorn help with DORA compliance?

Gap Analysis for DORA compliance

Gap Analysis

We will check your readiness for compliance with DORA


Policy Pack Review

Review of existing (or creation of new) effective policies & procedures

Security awareness training

Security Awareness Training

Human error is a significant vulnerability – regular training reduces your risk


Third Party Security Tool Implementation

Objective recommendations for tools specifically suited to your organisation


Continuity Plans

Continuity plan & business impact analysis or creation

Penetration testing

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited in your infrastructure, applications or network

DORA compliance consultancy

Consultancy Services

Take advantage of our experienced team of cyber professionals

DORA Compliance: The Razorthorn Approach

Tailored Solutions

At Razorthorn, we understand the unique challenges financial organisations face when it comes to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. Our dedicated team of consultants specialises in providing tailored solutions to address the specific requirements outlined in the DORA legislation. By partnering with us, you gain access to our extensive knowledge and experience in the field. This ensures your organisation remains ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Consulting & Security Tools

Preparing for DORA implementation involves overcoming key challenges that financial organisations commonly encounter. Our cybersecurity service equips you with the necessary tools, strategies and expertise to tackle these challenges head on. Whether it’s developing robust incident response plans, enhancing third-party risk management, or bolstering your organisation’s overall security posture, we provide comprehensive guidance and advice every step of the way.

Creating a Compliance Roadmap

Understanding the distinctions between DORA and existing ICT guidelines is crucial to ensure compliance. Our consultants possess in depth knowledge of both DORA and existing frameworks. This enables us to bridge any gaps and align your cybersecurity practices accordingly. By mapping your existing security measures with DORA requirements, we help you optimise your resources and minimise disruptions during the compliance journey.

Let’s go!

Ready to navigate the complexities of DORA and fortify your organisation’s cybersecurity framework? Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards achieving compliance before the January 2025 deadline. Safeguard your operational resilience, protect your sensitive data and secure your future with Razorthorn, your trusted partner in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

DORA Timeline


Proposal of DORA by the European Commission

2021 and 2022 block

Adoption of DORA by European Commission on 28th November 2022

2023 block

DORA entered into force on 16 January 2023

2024 block

Specifications and guidance on how to implement specific DORA requirements

2025 block

Deadline for compliance with DORA: 17th January 2025

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