Information Security Consultancy & GRC

The Razorthorn Approach

We help you identify and minimise cyber risk, improve budget management, save money and ensure an integrated approach across the organisation.

  • Adopt a proactive approach in monitoring critical controls
  • Plan change management
  • Prime the organisation before looking into software solutions
  • Find the right integrations that increase the efficacy of your information security and GRC programmes

Benefits of our service

Organisational Culture

Razorthorn can help align your organisational culture with GRC, ensuring a unified vision and avoiding departmental silos.

Tailored to your organisation

Take advantage of our expertise in building a comprehensive and flexible GRC framework, tailored to your organisation.


Compliance with government and regulatory frameworks help ensure your business and data are safe – we provide metrics on current compliance, coupled with the potential risk to the organisation’s most vital assets. 

Integrated Approach

We help businesses take up an integrated approach to Information Security and Cyber Intelligence.

Robust Cyber Security

A robust cyber security framework allows for quick and informed decision making, which can save an organisation from financial and reputational loss, data breaches, compliance violations and more.

Remediation Plans

Provides a remediation plan for any short falling in the organisation’s current GRC and security processes and strategies.

Lowers the cost of assurance

We bring a unified focus on the three main pillars to information security:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

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