PCI DSS Consultancy and QSA Auditing


PCI DSS compliance is one of the biggest challenges and concerns for any organisation that either relies on taking card information from customers for their services or facilitating organisations with services that do. PCI DSS is a complex compliance requirement with some serious challenges in its implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Founded in 2007, Razorthorn has a long history of providing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) advisories and audit services to some of the largest European organisations with some of the most complex environments. PCI DSS is one of the most prescriptive and detailed security compliance mandates.

In order to adhere to the standard, organisations will need to put in place policies, procedures and technological solutions. At Razorthorn, we understand that no two organisations are he same, and we help our clients meet the requirements in a way that works with both their business and budgetary requirements throughout the entire project lifecycle.

The Razorthorn Approach to PCI DSS Consultancy

Our approach is designed to simplify the process while ensuring that your business objectives remain at the forefront. We take a pragmatic and tailored approach, creating PCI DSS compliance strategies that are minimally intrusive and cost effective, without compromising the stringent requirements of the standard.

Our team of experienced consultants is adept at navigating even the most intricate compliance challenges. From small businesses to large enterprises with particularly complex environments, we have successfully guided countless clients through the compliance journey, ensuring that their sensitive data remains secure and their operations remain uninterrupted.

Razorthorn’s commitment to excellence and professionalism has not gone unnoticed. We take pride in having been recognised by Gartner as a market leader in the delivery of our PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) services. This accolade is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing quality consultancy that meet the highest industry standards.

PCI DSS v4.0 – Are you ready for the updated requirements?

PCI DSS 4.0 update brings a fresh perspective to the security controls we need to have in place to protect cardholder data (CHD).

With the update to v4.0, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has corrected redundant requirements, clarified guidance and testing procedures, modified wording to include more technologies and added more efficient ways to report PCI Compliance. 

PCI DSS v4.0 includes a number of changes which aim to meet four key objectives:

  1. Ensuring the standard continues to meet the needs of the payment industry
  2. Promoting security as a continuous process
  3. Adding flexibility and support of additional methods to maintain payment security
  4. Enhancing validation and reporting methods and procedures

Read more details in our blog.

Contact us today for a PCI DSS v4.0 gap analysis to ensure you’re ready to meet the new requirements.

Benefits of PCI DSS Consultancy

  • A full review of the existing PCI DSS landscape at your organisation
  • A full compliance project plan to meet the organisation’s requirements
  • Recommendations and support on all remediation actions
  • PCI DSS assessments to meet full compliance requirements
  • Advisories and reports on your compliance requirements
  • Clear, board level reports that are jargon free and in depth

PCI DSS infographic

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