Preventing Burnout in Cyber Security

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In this episode, our guests are Oliver Rochford of Securonix, whom you’ve met earlier, and Stefania Chaplain, a solutions architect, discussing the skills shortage, burnout in cyber careers and remote working.

Cybersecurity offers both rewards and challenges simultaneously. Security providers in their early careers struggle to find work, while recruiters struggle to find the proper role and qualification for their security needs as cybersecurity is a multifaceted field.

 We discussed how underappreciation of information security professionals leads to burnout and mental exhaustion. We asked our guests what they’ve done to avoid burnout in their careers during our interview. We discuss how working from home has allowed us to spend time with our families, but that permanent remote working has created a distance between our colleagues and us.

This episode is relevant to those new to the infosec field or who have been in it for a long time. Please take a listen to this episode and enjoy it. Listen to this episode on your favourite podcasting platform.

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • Our guest’s perspective on the skill shortage in information security
  • An analysis of the reasons behind the shortage of skills in information security
  • The cybersecurity recruitment process 
  • An overview of cybersecurity’s layers and aspects 
  • The next generation knowledge gap and mentorship’s role in filling it
  • Why do infosec professionals burn out
  • Cybersecurity burnout: how to avoid it
  • Working from home and building relationships in information security 
  • The benefits of shifting roles to avoid burnout

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