AWS Security Review

The Razorthorn AWS Security Review gives you a clear, actionable roadmap to enhance your cloud defences. Our in depth analysis pinpoints potential risks or vulnerabilities, providing tailored recommendations to strengthen your AWS infrastructure’s security posture. Once the scope has been confirmed with your dedicated consultant, Razorthorn will conduct a rigorous AWS Security Review, based on the CIS benchmark, meticulously assessing your AWS deployment for vulnerabilities and key threats. 

On completion of the review, Razorthorn will issue a comprehensive report which offers in-depth analysis of any vulnerabilities discovered, along with practical remediation recommendations to optimise your security.

AWS Security Review

Benefits of an AWS Security Review


We provide a thorough assessment of the security issues you face within an AWS cloud network

Identify vulnerabilities

Our review allows you to remediate any security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them

Protect against threats

Protect against emerging threats by ensuring your platform follows best practices

Secure cloud infrastructure

Ensure your cloud infrastructures are secure enough to withstand cloud based attacks

AWS Security Consultants

Assessments are carried out by our qualified team of AWS Security Consultants

The Razorthorn Approach

The Razorthorn AWS Security Review is made up of a Technical and Consultative review.

The Technical Review

The Technical Review will focus on 4 main areas:

  • Identity and access management
  • EC2 security configuration
  • S3 buckets policies and ACLS
  • Logging and monitoring rules

The Security Architecture Review

The Security Architecture Review will consist of a review of the security architecture of the virtual estate as well as the security of the AWS account itself.  This section of the report can include advice on the following:

  • Intrusion detection and response
  • Safeguarding against accidental deletion of data
  • Encryption
  • Network security controls
  • Defence in depth best practices


On completion of the Security Architecture Review, Razorthorn will issue a comprehensive report outlining any vulnerabilities found, observations and remedial recommendations. A debriefing session will also be arranged with the appropriate stakeholders to discuss the results of the assessment.

The report will consist of two parts: 

  • A Management Summary which gives a non-technical, clear and precise overview of the business impact
  • A Technical Report for your IT/cyber security team to show strengths and weaknesses of the environments and to advise on how to improve its security.

AWS Security Review Enquiry

Our trained consultants will review your AWS environment to uncover any vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations, lack of best practices or insecure configurations allowing you to remediate any security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

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