Azure Security Assessment

Razorthorn’s Azure Security Assessment will assess your Azure environment against industry best practices and CIS Controls. A report will be provided highlighting what controls have passed and provide prioritised remediation recommendations.

An Azure environment that has been set up incorrectly will have security vulnerabilities. It is best practise to check for insecure default settings and also perform a review after any significant changes.

The assessment audits your Azure network to identify any misconfigurations and deficiency of best practices and secure configurations, allowing you to remediate the vulnerabilities before they are exploited and quickly reduce the security risk to your organisation.

The assessment is performed by Razorthorn’s Azure cloud and security experts and will benchmark your Azure environment against Microsoft and industry best practice for securing Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of an Azure Cyber Security Assessment

  • A thorough assessment of the security issues you face within Azure
  • Allows you to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them
  • Protect against emerging threats by ensuring your platform follows best practices
  • Ensure your cloud infrastructures are secure enough to withstand cloud based attacks
  • Assessments are carried out by a qualified team of Azure Security Consultants

The Razorthorn Approach

Razorthorn will conduct an in-depth assessment of your Azure environment, based on the CIS benchmark, assessing your Azure deployment for vulnerabilities and key threats. On completion of the security assessment, Razorthorn will issue a comprehensive report outlining any vulnerabilities found, observations and recommendations.

The assessment will cover the following:

  • Identity and privileged access management
  • Security centre
  • Storage accounts
  • Database services
  • Data protection
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Network security
  • Incident response
  • Virtual machines
  • AppService
  • Back up and recovery
  • Vulnerability management
  • Governance and strategy 
  • Other security Considerations


On completion of the security review, Razorthorn will issue a comprehensive report that identifies and explains all the areas where adequate controls are either missing or deficient and will prioritise the risks to your business operations.

The report will include remedial recommendations and be prioritised. A debriefing session will also be arranged with the appropriate stakeholders to discuss the results of the assessment.

Delivery of the detailed Security Report will contain the following:

  • Executive report
  • Key findings
  • Prioritisation: critical, high, medium and low
  • Recommendations on challenges, improvements and remediation options for identified security items of note.

Azure Security Assessment Enquiry

The Razorthorn team of qualified Azure Security Consultants will ensure that your Azure environment is correctly configured to meet the numerous compliance regulations required by your industry, region and clients.

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