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Razor’s Edge is an innovative, continuous penetration testing platform designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving digital threats faced by modern organisations. Unlike traditional penetration testing services, which offer periodic snapshots of security posture, Razor’s Edge provides a dynamic and ongoing assessment approach to ensure your digital assets are secure and resilient against threats, 24/7.

The Core Service: Continuous Penetration Testing

The core service is vulnerability management, redefined. Continuous penetration testing is the very heart of Razor’s Edge, delivering relentless vigilance against ever-evolving threats. It operates through a multi-faceted approach that blends continuous scanning, expert validation and real-time insights to ensure your systems remain impenetrable.

Identify risks

Continuous Scanning

Manual exploitation

Manual exploitation

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Vulnerability assurance

Risk management

Realtime alerts

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Security coverage validation


Verified and prioritised results


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Continuous Penetration Testing: Always vigilant. Always secure.

By combining continuous scanning, expert validation, and comprehensive coverage, Razor’s Edge establishes a formidable foundation for your cybersecurity posture ensuring your systems and data remain secure against ever-evolving threats. Here’s how it works.

1. Unrelenting Vigilance

  • Continuous Scanning: Razor’s Edge tirelessly scans your systems and applications around the clock, searching for vulnerabilities that could become entry points for attackers. It actively probes for weaknesses in various areas, including:
    • Network infrastructure
    • Web applications
    • APIs
    • Operating systems
    • Databases
  • Real-time Alerts: The moment Razor’s Edge identifies a potential vulnerability, it immediately sends you an alert. This ensures you can take swift action to mitigate risks before they’re exploited.

2. Expert Validation, Not Just Automation

  • Verified and Prioritised Results: Razor’s Edge doesn’t rely solely on automated scans. Each detected vulnerability undergoes a meticulous review by experienced penetration testers. This expert validation ensures the accuracy of findings and eliminates false positives, allowing you to focus on genuine threats.
  • Manual Exploitation Attempts: To provide absolute confidence in the validity of vulnerabilities, expert testers conduct manual exploitation attempts. This verifies the exploitability of vulnerabilities and eliminates any doubt about their potential impact.

3. Comprehensive Assurance and Coverage

  • Vulnerability Assurance: Razor’s Edge doesn’t stop at identifying vulnerabilities. It also provides assurance that your implemented patches and mitigation measures have effectively addressed the risks. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your defences are truly holding strong.
  • Security Coverage Validation: Razor’s Edge meticulously maps your entire attack surface, identifying all assets and potential exposure points. This ensures no blind spots remain, leaving attackers with nowhere to hide.

In essence, Razor’s Edge empowers you to

  • Stay ahead of attackers: Continuous scanning and real-time alerts mean you can address vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.
  • Focus on genuine threats: Expert validation eliminates false positives, allowing you to prioritise your efforts effectively.
  • Gain absolute confidence: Manual exploitation attempts provide conclusive evidence of vulnerabilities and their potential impact.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of your defences: Vulnerability assurance validates the success of your mitigation efforts.
  • Eliminate blind spots: Comprehensive coverage validation maps your attack surface, leaving no stone unturned.


Razor’s Edge offers optional, additional modules tailored to your unique needs. Choose from the following modules to add to the platform as required.


Razor's Edge Operative

Advanced CPT is a completely manual process carried out by highly skilled Razor’s Edge operatives that identifies vulnerabilities that may not be identified by an automated tool.  


Penetration Testing

Add a traditional, snapshot in time Penetration Test to your service to provide that deep dive required for compliance.



A Red Team Assessment is much broader that a traditional penetration test, evaluating your overall security posture and testing your ability to identify and respond to targeted attacks.



Created and managed by Razorthorn Security, add a custom Phishing Assessment to the platform, to test and improve your staff’s susceptibility to phishing attacks.

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