Phishing Protection

Human-Driven Phishing Prevention


Phishing protection is essential at a time when phishing and pretexting represent 98% of social incidents and 93% of breaches. Email continues to be the most common vector (96%) (source: 2018 Verizon DBIR). And as much as we all hate to admit falling for a scam, the truth is that phishing is becoming more varied and sophisticated and our employees are being targeted.

With such alarming numbers, how do you prevent your business from becoming another statistic? The answer: providing visibility – you cannot defend against an attack you can’t see.

Razorthorn will provide you with the tools to give you visibility of your phishing threat landscape. Empowering your employees to defend your organisation from phishing attacks, by becoming a crucial part of your phishing protection solution, gathering real-time attack intelligence, identifying and shutting down phishing attacks faster.

Benefits of Phishing Protection

  • Conditions employees to recognise, resist and build resiliency against phishing attacks
  • Highlights the latest attack tactics
  • Enables employees to easily report real phishing attacks in real time
  • Identify threats faster with active report clustering
  • Gives incident responders the capability to search and destroy malicious emails in minutes

Phishing Protection

The Razorthorn Approach

The number of breaches attributed to phishing attacks continues to grow. It’s clear that technology alone can’t solve the problem. This is why Razorthorn Phishing Protection solution focuses on engaging your employees – your last line of defence after a phish bypasses your technological barriers – for better prevention and response. Our comprehensive human-driven phishing defence platform focuses on fortifying employees and enabling incident response teams to quickly detect, analyse and respond to targeted phishing attacks.

Our solution allows organisations to take advantage of the 4 key stages required to prevent a successful phishing attack. They may not all be required – we can tailor the solution to your requirements.

1. Recognise a phishing email

First and foremost, it’s imperative your employees are able to recognise a phishing email. By simulating phishing scenarios, employees learn to detect all types of phishing threats from basic scenarios to more nuanced tactics, which has been shown to reduce susceptibility by up to 95%.

2. Report suspicious emails

If an email is thought to be malicious, engaging employees to proactively report attacks in progress can significantly improve the chances of keeping your network safe. Using award-winning software that’s been rated 5 star, users can alert security teams to investigate potential phishing threats. With real-time visibility, your SOC can respond to and stop phishing attacks faster.

3. Respond to threats

Once a potential threat has been identified, we help you to speed up the analysis and response with software that can search for and quarantine emails across your entire organisation, removing the risk that other, less vigilant employees fall victim to the scam.

4. Utilise the latest intelligence

The threat landscape changes daily and technology such as Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) are unable to keep up. Receive real-time alerts on phishing threats that are bypassing SEGs and get human-vetted analysis of phishing and ransomware campaigns and the malware they contain, allowing you to proactively defend your organisation against current and emerging phishing threats.

Why Razorthorn?

  • Razorthorn have been protecting clients from phishing attacks for 13 years and as such have seen the threat landscape change over time. We have adapted our service to ensure that our clients have the most up to date and comprehensive support against threats that are constantly evolving.
  • Our solution is both cost-effective and excellent value, ensuring you see the return on your investment.
  • We believe your people are your power, and there’s nowhere you will notice this more than with phishing prevention. As a people-focused organisation, we will empower your team to respond successfully to phishing attacks and protect your company information.

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