Managed Phishing Protection


Phishing and pretexting represent 98% of social incidents and 93% of breaches. Email continues to be the most common vector (96%) (source: 2018 Verizon DBIR). And as much as we all hate to admit falling for a scam, the truth is that phishing is becoming more varied and sophisticated and employees are being targeted.

With such alarming numbers, how do you prevent your business from becoming another statistic? The answer: regular and controlled simulated phishing tests and providing visibility of the attacks with Razorthorn’s Managed Phishing Protection service.

These tests and the offered protection services allow organisations to measure their exposure to real-world phishing attacks and provides assurance around the technical and user controls and processes.

Benefits of Managed Phishing Protection

  • Simulations condition employees to recognise, resist and build resilience against phishing attacks
  • Enables employees to easily report real phishing attacks in real time
  • Highlights the latest tactics used by malicious entities
  • Identify threats faster with active report clustering
  • Capability to search and destroy malicious emails in minutes
  • Comprehensive reporting with statistics and analysis
  • Benchmark user awareness and trends that can be analysed across regular assessments
  • Maximises your cyber security investment, by being able to utilise the tools to their full potential
  • Allows your IT teams to concentrate on your core business
  • Avoids the need to hire additional, expensive security staff

The Razorthorn Approach

Managed Phishing Protection

Razorthorn will provide you with visibility of your phishing threat landscape. The key to phishing protection is empowering your employees to defend your organisation from phishing attacks by becoming a crucial part of the solution. Our managed service gathers real-time attack intelligence, identifying and shutting down phishing attacks faster. We offer:

  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis of all phishing attacks
  • A fast and efficient response to reported attacks
  • Secure and effective mitigation/remediation
  • Dedicated information security experts, trained in anti-phishing techniques
  • A friendly and approachable team, which will work closely with your business

Simulated Phishing Attacks and Training

Razorthorn’s managed phishing simulation service tests your employees and contractors through automated phishing campaigns. We can provide immediate phishing awareness training as and when required. This service is backed by useful and easy to understand reports, which include detailed statistics and analysis around the success of the campaign.

  • Razorthorn will design a range of bespoke phishing emails for your business and will vary from mass-emailed messages to highly targeted emails
  • The phishing simulation emails will be sent to your employees and contractors in a controlled manner
  • Razorthorn can track user interactions in a non-intrusive and secure manner
  • Users who fall foul of the phishing simulation are redirected immediately to Razorthorn’s online awareness training, related to the specific type of simulation

So what’s next?

Razorthorn can provide a great number of managed services using a wide range of security products, from email security to vulnerability scanning. Please contact us if you would be interested in any of our other services.

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