Managed SIEM


Razorthorn’s managed SIEM places experienced security analysts at your fingertips. Experienced staff are the key to staying ahead of the everchanging modern-day threat landscape. Razorthorn consultants are highly trained in all the major SIEM solutions and providing you with only the important, actionable issues.

We also work with existing SIEM solutions that you already have. Is your SIEM underutilised or too noisy? Do you have enough analysts to get the most out of your SIEM? Are your analysts suffering from alert fatigue? Use Razorthorn as an external addition to your IT or security team by putting our experts at the core of your business.

Benefits of a Managed SIEM

SIEMs can be one of the most complex devices to deploy inside a business, not only the initial setup but maintaining and utilising the device to its maximum potential. A Managed SIEM can allow your organisation to quickly scale its security information, improve its management of compliance and improves its security posture across the business. There are some compelling benefits of employing a managed SIEM.


After the initial outlay for the introduction of a SIEM, in the long run, a managed SIEM reduces your running costs by providing the option to be listed as a predictable operational expense and avoids the need to hire, train and retain costly in-house security staff.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Be assured that your network is being monitored at all times, providing you with real-time alerts and analysis to ensure that no warning signs are missed of an imminent attack or threat.


A managed SIEM greatly reduces the time taken to see your ROI. Your SIEM can be set up quickly and accurately, utilising experts in your chosen SIEM. We can optimise the alerts faster and more efficiently, providing you with both reduced time and effort in getting important issues identified.


Both technical resources and security personnel can be stretched by the implementation of a SIEM, especially when you consider the correct setup process, monitoring, management and optimisation.

The benefit of visibility of your security posture is immeasurable and outsourcing the task to a managed service provider would allow your security teams to focus on important projects and compliance.

Managed SIEM

The Razorthorn Approach

For a brand new SIEM solution, we will provide you with a recommendation for the best solution for your specific business requirements and budget, following a consultation with your internal team.

Razorthorn and vendor assisted installation to set up your chosen SIEM solution ensures a stress-free process. We provide assisted optimisation and/or review of your chosen SIEM to ensure you are receiving only the alerts that are important.

Outputs are managed 24/7 by our team of accredited security professionals and vendor certified SIEM technicians. You will receive with regular reports, remedial advice, follow-ups and quarterly reviews to ensure you are getting the most out of your SIEM solution.

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