Managed Threat Detection


It’s becoming more and more apparent that a focus on network security in essential. Despite record spending on cyber security, breaches are fairly common. Many businesses struggle with network defence and need to ensure that those responsible for it have a clear and more accurate view of the security landscape to stop cyber attacks and subsequent breaches.

Because of this limited view, businesses often find it difficult to Plan, Prioritise and Protect their network.

  • Planning is difficult unless your organisation has a clear view of exactly what is inside your network
  • Prioritisation can be a struggle, as there are too many alerts for security teams to effectively investigate
  • Protection of a company’s network is also at risk as many security teams are understaffed and overworked

Benefits of a Managed Threat Detection Service

Proven, Military-Grade Technology

The systems utilised by Razorthorn have unparalleled advanced analytics, machine learning and machine reasoning-based anomaly detection solutions for strategic cyber defence operations.

Critical Asset Clarification

We use systems that intuitively identify, understand and classify which assets are most important to your business. Through this understanding, the deep machine learning techniques can precisely pinpoint the most critical threats to your network.

Appreciation in Value

The systems used and managed by Razorthorn not only augments the capabilities of our team of analysts but also becomes more powerful and accurate in its dark threat detection the more it learns. It is the only security investment you make that appreciates in value over time.

Ease of Deployment

The Razorthorn team can set up this service quickly and easily, with minimal resource requirements and can offer you either an AWS cloud service, your own private cloud or on-premise. No additional hardware, software or people required.

The Razorthorn Approach

When Razorthorn manages your Network Threat Detection, you can be reassured that you have:

  • A clear view of your infrastructure
  • An experienced team to monitor and support your network
  • A singular outlay
  • A dedicated account manager and service team
  • Access to a knowledgeable and reliable team that works with your business

Managed Threat Detection

So what’s next?

Razorthorn can provide a great number of managed services on a wide range of security products, from email security to vulnerability scanning. Please contact us if you would be interested in any of our other services.

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