Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence & Threat Detection

Razorthorn’s Managed Threat Intelligence service delivers current, automated and actionable threat intelligence to organisations across multiple industries – protecting your network from the outside in. We give you access to our experienced and highly specialised Cyber Threat Intelligence team, negating the need to hire costly internal personnel.

This service has been designed to be flexible and scalable enough not only to meet your present needs, but also to easily accommodate changing requirements. The service scours the clear, deep and dark web, gathering data from thousands of different sources.

Organisations with the most mature security models understand the importance of obtaining high quality business threat intelligence. This intelligence must be broad, fresh and qualified in order to drastically reduce the probability of an attack and its consequences.

In this field, Razorthorn’s Managed Threat Intelligence service which utilises Blueliv technology is second to none – the service processes a huge quantity of data, helping organisations of all sizes gain access to highly actionable information to detect, monitor and remediate cyber threats, and put in place appropriate defence measures.

Benefits of a Managed Threat Detection Service

Reduce response times with managed threat intelligence

Vastly reduce response times and costs associated with incident detection and remediation

Detect leaked confidential information

Detect employees who are leaking confidential information

Detect compromised users and IPs

Detect compromised users & IPs a well as information leaks from 3rd parties

Identify data bypassing DLP controls

Identify data bypassing DLP controls

Mitigate risks

Help mitigate risks associated with greater use of BYOD

Reduce loses from phishing

Reduce fraud losses associated with phishing

Detect potential APTs

Detect potential APTs and other advanced threats by automatically monitoring crime servers

Automatic identification of malware

Automatic identification of the exact malware the user is infected with

The Razorthorn Approach

Threat Detection

Razorthorn’s Managed Threat Intelligence service provides a unique modular approach, allowing our clients to focus on the areas most relevant to their individual requirements, which ensures the service delivers only relevant and actionable information. Razorthorn will provide the detection and monitoring of targeted threats, including:

  • Cybersquatting and phishing activities
  • Social Network Impersonation and Digital Identity Monitoring
  • Hacktivist activities targeting client entities
  • Leakage of confidential documents (data leakage)
  • Compromised and stolen credit card information (carding)
  • Fake mobile apps in official and alternative markets
  • Targeted malware developed to attack client entities
  • Known vulnerabilities (CVE) affecting assets in the infrastructure of client entities

24/7 Monitoring

Each module has a monitoring purpose and acts as a separate module inside the solution. This monitoring is 24/7 and will give our clients the ability to stay up to date with an ever-evolving threat landscape. New modules are constantly being developed and released to meet new threats. Razorthorn’s service stays attuned to the specific threats faced by an organisation.  

Razorthorn’s Managed Threat Intelligence service provides our clients with several unique capabilities, performing the following actions on cyber threat intelligence:

Collect from multiple sources and in multiple formats, fresh information.

Correlate intelligence across all the modules using machine learning techniques.

Categorise malware family, bot IPs, hashes, etc.

Display targeted information clearly for an effective, fast response.

Integrate into third party security tools.

Action – use Intelligence to create custom Yara rules, take down threats, etc.

Share intelligence internally and with trusted 3rd parties on the Blueliv Community or using MISP.


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