Bright Security

Automate & Scale with Security Testing
at the Speed of DevOps

Bright Security (formerly NeuraLegion) is a developer-centric Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution that helps organizations ship secure applications and APIs quickly and cost-effectively. Its approach enables quick and iterative scans to identify critical security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC without compromising on quality or delivery speed. Bright empowers AppSec teams to provide governance for securing APIs and web apps while allowing developers to take ownership of security testing and remediation work.

Unlike legacy DAST solutions built for AppSec professionals, which are complex to deploy and find vulnerabilities late in the development process, Bright’s DAST solution is optimized for the DevOps world. It can be deployed as early as the Unit Testing phase and run throughout the SDLC, learning and optimizing from every scan. By enabling organizations to detect and remediate vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, Bright reduces risk at a lower cost and effort.

Key Features

Easy to Use

NexDAST is a cloud based solution, requiring no costly integration or complex configuration by security staff. Simply Log-in, Upload, Scan, or use our open API for full automation.

No False Positives

As a False Positive FREE solution, NexDAST only reports validated exploitable vulnerabilities, eliminating the need to recheck and filter every scan report. Remediate and release quicker.

Immediate Reports

Scan results available in real-time via the dashboard or as a downloadable report, providing you with full remediation guidelines to fix your weaknesses and improve your cyber security posture.

Comprehensive & Superior Testing

Detect the OWASP Top 10 technical vulnerabilities and any zero day vulnerabilities detected by our AIAST® Technology, stored in our private and unrivalled knowledge base, providing the most comprehensive DAST scan on the market.

Compliance Management

Maintain compliance with NexDAST compliance-oriented test and reports, supporting Application Security Testing for ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800 Series and other relevant standards and regulations.

SDLC, CI/CD Integration

Scalable solution that integrates fully into the SDLC to provide security testing at the speed of DevOps, through technology partners or via our open API.

Detect early, remediate fast

Early detection of vulnerabilities in the development process means a cheaper fix and enhanced security. NexDAST provides everyone involved in the development process, both novices and professionals, the ability and knowledge to rapidly identify and fix critical vulnerabilities in applications running in development, QA, or production.

NexDast allows you to test more applications faster, whilst focussing on remediation efforts with our false positive free compliance reports, integrating security testing assurance throughout your software development workflows.

The New Generation of Dynamic Application Security Testing

SaaS solution

Technical vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top 10 and more

SDLC, CI/CD integration

Immediate reports

NO false positives

Remediation guidelines

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