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Start left and secure your code from the start

Secure Code Warrior is a global security company that makes software development better and more secure. Our vision is to empower developers to be the first line of defense in their organization by making security highly visible and providing them with the skills and tools to write secure code from the beginning. Our powerful platform moves the focus from reaction to prevention, training and equipping developers to think and act with a security mindset as they build and verify their skills, gain real-time advice and monitor skill development. 

Customers include financial institutions, telecommunications providers and global technology companies in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Solutions Overview


Tournaments on the Secure Code Warrior platform allow organizations to run competitive and engaging events that get their whole Developer community involved. Players will be presented with a series of code challenges that will ask them to identify the problem, locate the insecure code, and fix the vulnerability. All challenges are based on real code examples, and are ranked from easy through to fiendishly hard! Each player can choose from a range of software languages to compete fairly in the Tournament. Throughout the Tournament, Developers will earn points and they can watch as they climb to the top of the leader board and be crowned the ‘Secure Code Warrior’.


Our fun, competitive and engaging training equips developers to think and act with a security mindset every day. It is 100% hands-on and confronts the developer with different vulnerabilities in diverse code samples.

Developers can see which challenges they have completed, their strengths and weaknesses, time spent on training and their accuracy. The gamified aspect of the platform offers hints and allows developers to earn points and collect badges, with anonymized leaderboards for teams.


With developer-first training and a commitment to assisting them in their security growth, organizations can help transform their developers into their first line of defense against costly cyber attacks.

Courses are guided learning pathways with language:framework specific modules. Courses can be used to accelerate secure coding skills, and report on progress and completion. Each learning module is a collection of activities including video content and interactive challenges, which enable developers to learn secure coding skills and awareness.


Managers want to be confident that their developers have a base level of competency when it comes to securing their code. ‘Assessment’ in the Secure Code Warrior platform allows organizations to qualify and benchmark the secure coding skills of their existing developers, off-shore developers, new hires and graduates.

Our customers use ‘Assessment’ to demonstrate to auditors that developers are learning the necessary secure coding skills that regulations like PCI-DSS and NiST outlines. Some also create internal belting systems that align with demonstrating certain skills.


Missions are deeply immersive secure coding simulations  – kind of like a flight simulator for coders. A place they can experience the impact of bad code practices, vulnerabilities and experiment with different secure coding solutions in a safe environment.
With Missions, developers see:

  • Live code and the front-end application together, at the same time
  • The impact of vulnerabilities in the app and in the source code
  • The consequence of the code they write to fix problems, in real time


Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to constantly check and review code, or coach others on how to rewrite it. Sensei makes coding best practice automatic, continuously analyzing and linting source code as your developers write it, instantly matching it against recipes defined by you or your software development team. This in-IDE linter is like a spell-checker for all your coders that checks their code base as they go, identifies security vulnerabilities and suggests a range of appropriate fixes in real time.

Cyber Threats Are Rising – It’s Time To Change The Game!

Numerous factors are driving the rapid growth in cybersecurity investment, including talent and regulatory pressures. Yet despite increased spend, and a flood of new tools into the market, the problem persists.

To conquer an organization’s exposure to vulnerabilities, we need to look at the source of the issue, the code, and empower developers with the experience and skills to write it securely.

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increase in cyber attacks despite ever-increasing
security budgets, testing platforms tools
and pen-tests.*


of breaches caused by software
vulnerabilities, consistent finding
for the past ten years.**


more expensive to detect
vulnerabilities in completed code.***

* Akamai Q3 State of the Internet Security Report.
** Verizon, Data Breach Report, 2018.
*** The Economics of Software Security: What Car Makers Can Teach Enterprises

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