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The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform simulates real-world cyber threats to continuously validate, measure and enhance the effectiveness of organizations’ defenses. Powered by the latest offensive security intelligence, it proactively identifies threat prevention and detection gaps and empowers security teams to optimize their controls to address them.

To aid swift risk mitigation, Picus maps assessment results to MITRE ATT&CK, generates executive reports and dashboards, and supplies 70,000+ vendor-specific signatures and detection rules. The platform facilitates a more proactive and threat-centric approach to security, bolsters cyber resilience and reduces manual workloads.

Test Your Security Controls

Prevent Log4Shell Exploits with Picus

  • Simulate Log4Shell exploits
  • Test your WAF, IPS, and NGFW against Log4j attacks
  • Uncover gaps in your security controls
  • Enable provided prevention signatures to fix gaps
  • Continuously validate your security controls and Log4j resilience.

Free Log4j Security Assessment

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Security Control Validation as an
Everyday Part of Security Operations

Optimise your Security Controls

Security controls are fundamental to organizations’ defense against cyber threats but if they are not configured correctly or tuned on a regular basis then they can fail to provide the level of protection required.

Unfortunately, many organizations assume that their controls are working effectively but only discover gaps once incidents have occurred. Others simply don’t have the resources to keep technologies constantly updated.

The Complete Security Control Validation Platform

To minimize breaches, we believe that security control validation must be an essential part of SecOps and have developed The Complete Security Control Validation Platform to make validating and optimizing defenses safe, simple and continuous.

Use Cases Picus Address

Security Control Validation
Test and improve the effectiveness of your security controls.

Security Posture Management
Determine your current cyber security risk.

Security Control Rationalization
Maximize the value of your investments.

Enhancing SOC Effectiveness
Reduce the time it takes you to detect and respond to threats.

Compliance Enablement
Demonstrate that you comply with the latest regulations and standards.

Key benefits of the Picus Platform

Tests security controls continuously, 24/7

Picus identifies threat prevention and detection weaknesses by assessing the effectiveness of your security tools on an ongoing basis (and on-demand).

Validates preparedness against the latest threats

With a rich threat library, updated daily by offensive security experts, Picus tests your defenses against current and emerging attack techniques.

Optimizes prevention and detection capabilities

To achieve optimal protection from your network and endpoint security tools, Picus supplies easy-to-apply signatures and detection rules.

Evidences the value of investments

Supplying real-time metrics, including an overall security score for your organization, Picus helps you to measure performance and prove value.

Improves SOC efficiency and effectiveness

Picus automates manual assessment and engineering processes to reduce fatigue and help your security teams work together more collaboratively.

Acts as a force multiplier

By making security control validation quick and easy, Picus saves your security team time and empowers them to achieve more from their efforts.

Operationalizes MITRE ATT&CK

Picus maps assessment results to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enabling you to visualize threat coverage and prioritize mitigation of gaps.

Demonstrates compliance

By validating the effectiveness of controls and processes, Picus helps you to ensure that your organization is compliant with the latest security regulations and standards.

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