As thought leaders in the field of technological innovation and data security, GeoLang – part of the Shearwater Group PLC – believes the management or mismanagement of data can either make or break an organisation. From increased data visibility to supporting regulatory compliance, we are pioneers in helping organisations locate, understand and protect their sensitive information across their digital estate – operating across cloud, hybrid and on-premise. Our award-winning Ascema Data Security suite leverages the latest machine-learning, fingerprinting, and classification algorithms to help future-proof your organisation, as well as offering real-time protection and comprehensive data discovery and extraction to ensure your sensitive and high-value data is appropriately protected.

GeoLang Solutions
Ascema Data Security Platform

Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery and Extraction 

  • Locate, control, extract and report on sensitive and regulated information at rest and in-transit;
  • Dynamically generated board level reporting, and user-friendly dashboards, to ascertain data threat patterns and user activity in real-time; 
  • Compatibility with Windows, Linux, MacOS and cloud including Atlassian Confluence, AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365, Exchange and SharePoint
  • Pre-configured and customisable discovery patterns to identify and protect sensitive information specific to the organisation; 
  • Highly automated remediation capabilities
  • Easy and agile to deploy, configure, and manage; 
  • Support regulatory compliance and standard requisites through automated sensitive data discovery and extraction.

Ascema Data Loss Prevention

  • Highly automated, easy to deploy system for classification and real-time protection of enterprise IP and sensitive data;
  • True content level protection to safeguard sensitive and high-value information throughout its lifecycle – at motion or in use;
  • Enables visibility and control of sensitive information across enterprise applications – including on premise, in the cloud and hybrid – in a single console; 
  • Automatically track, report, and enforce data policies – with the ability for each data classification to have its own remediation;
  • Granular reporting provides in-depth knowledge to detect, remediate and prevent potential breaches;
  • Empower and educate end users to handle sensitive information appropriately;
  • Flexible remediation with alerts, quarantining, and other protective actions to prevent accidental or malicious data sharing. 

Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery and Extraction

Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery from GeoLang utilises content analysis to automatically locate, control, extract, and remediate sensitive and regulated information – including confidential and protected data such as personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, Intellectual Property (IP) and HIPAA – across multiple data repositories in a single platform. 

Elegant and simple to deploy, the Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery tool locates and filters data into a usable, valuable and exportable resource to help organisations with compliance, data protection and end user training; simple deployments can be up, running and producing results often in less than half a day.

Ascema Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

Ascema Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a highly automated, easy to deploy system for the monitoring, classification, and protection of confidential and sensitive information at true content level across authorised enterprise applications – including on premise, in the cloud, and hybrid. 

Utilising the latest fingerprinting and classification algorithms to protect critical content across your digital estate in real time, the Ascema DLP solution offers a seamless and transparent end user and enterprise experience designed to support everyday workflows – without impacting productivity – and safeguard all types of network traffic containing sensitive data from a single console for your environment. 

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