Protection Against Phishing, BEC and Identity Deception Email

Agari is the market share leader in phishing defence solutions for the enterprise. Agari ensures outbound email from the enterprise cannot be spoofed, increasing deliverability and preserving brand integrity. It also protects the workforce from devastating inbound BEC, VEC, spear phishing, and account takeover based attacks, reducing business risk and restoring trust to the inbox.

Modern cybercriminals know how to evade legacy Secure Email Gateways and first-generation Advanced Threat Protection systems that can only stop known attacks when email is first delivered.

In contrast, Agari products and services are built on predictive AI that continuously detects, defends against, and responds to advanced email attacks by leveraging massive data sets, data science, and the power of cloud computing.

With an entire suite of products designed to prevent all types of advanced email attacks, Agari gives employees, customers, and partners the confidence to open, click and trust everything in their inbox

What can we help with?

Agari Phishing Defense™

Stop inbound spear phishing, business email compromise, and email account takeover attacks from reaching employees.

Agari Brand Protection™

Protect customers and business partners from malicious email spoofs with automated DMARC email authentication.

Agari Phishing Response™

Research and remediate employee-reported phishing incidents with automated workflow for the Security Operations Center.

 “Email is messy. No doubt about it. And as Agari grew and I spent more time with more CISOs, I rethought how the industry was thinking about advanced email security architecture. A different and better approach emerged: modelling the good.

Modelling the characteristics of good emails reveals patterns that makeup trusted relationships between email message receivers and senders. Email security may not seem like the sexiest issue out there. In many ways, though, it is, because email is the most common channel for communications today – more so than social media, Slack, or texting. And the bad guys know that and have known that for generations. Modelling the good takes the power out of the hands of bad actors.” 

Patrick Peterson, CEO of Agari

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