Libraesva is a next-generation security company, positioned among the most important brands in the world of computing security. The Libraesva suite provides security, continuity and compliance offerings that include the Email Security Gateway, the Email Load Balancer and the Email Archiver. Today Libraesva counts on technological partnerships with Palo Alto Networks, Cofense, BitDefender and Avira.

Since it is focused on email security, Libraesva has a clear vision of email security landscape. For this reason Libraesva offer to small, medium and enterprise companies, a complete package to address the challenges related to security and email management. Thanks to Libraesva, companies can strengthen their corporate protection, significantly reducing the time and human resources required to manage daily operations.


Find out if your email server is correctly configured to stop these common threats.

Email Threats – Got It Covered

Libraesva Email Security Gateway is the most effective email security gateway at ensuring your email communication up time and provides in depth analysis or all inbound and outbound messages. Protecting your business against all forms of known and unknown email threats.

Innovative Technologies and Multi-Layer Engine

We provide full protection to your email by using a multi-layered analysis engine, up to three antivirus engines and innovative technologies like the proprietary URLSand and QuickSand Sandboxes, to deeply analyse all incoming emails.

Real Time Protection

Our Email Security Gateway analyses the behaviour of every email by using machine learning and artificial intelligence, to provide an advanced threat protection! The EsvaLabs security engineers analyse the feedback from live installations and update the definitions in real time so that the updates are available to all Libraesva Email Security Gateway instances immediately.

Outbound Email Protection

The Email Security Gateway also analyses all outgoing emails to protect your reputation from spam sent by botnets.

Effective and Certified

Awarded by several independent organizations, Libraesva Email Security Gateway provides highly accurate email and spam blocking with a spam catch rate up to 99.99% (Virus Bullettin) and near to zero false positives.

Threat Analysis Portal

The new Threat Analysis Portal allows users to analyse threats detected by their Libraesva Email Security Gateway and to compare to global statistics.


Anti Malware

By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with multiple security layers, Libraesva Email Security Gateway provides a 360° protection against zero-day malware and ransomware. Libraesva Email Security Gateway also analyses documents for malicious code hidden in Microsoft® Office™, PDF, RTF and archived files and is able to sanitize infected documents by removing the malicious code within it.

Anti Phishing

Libraesva Email Security Gateway provides a behavioural email analysis with a real time URL scan. The UrlSand Sandbox detects new and still unknown threats found in embedded email URLs, blocking those to protect against spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits and ransomware. Every URL, without question, in every email, is checked in real-time, to determinate the malicious state of the webpage.

Business Email Compromise Protection

Spear phishing emails are targeted attacks usually toward high-level officials within organizations. Hackers gather personal details and aim to attack using techniques to specifically fool a victim into believing the spoofed identity. Libraesva Email Security Gateway is effective also against these kind of threats. Libraesva Email Security Gateway’s proprietary BEC (Business Email Compromise) technology allows to prevent and to block such attacks and promptly alert your organization.

Anti Spam

Libraesva Email Security Gateway provides highly accurate spam blocking with a spam catch rate up to 99.99% (Virus Bulletin) and a near to zero false positive rate. Libraesva Email Security Gateway has been listed in the top spam blockers by independent firm Virus Bulletin from 2010 to date.

Anti Virus

Libraesva Email Security Gateway offers up to three antivirus engines to fully cover customers against known threats as soon as they are discovered. In addition to the standard ClamAV™ .

Flexible Deployment


Fully supported, setup and pro-actively supported
private cloud machine.


Virtual Appliance for VMware vSphere, Hyper-V,
Citrix Xen Server and more.


Fully supported cloud machine instances for
AWS and Azure.

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