Atakama is a cutting-edge information security company that has developed an encryption software powered by distributed key management. Atakama encrypts granularly at the file-level, helping companies prevent data exfiltration, secure their sensitive files, and adhere to regulatory compliance.

By using advanced threshold cryptography, Atakama does not rely on traditional identity and access management, usernames and passwords, or any other form of authentication, thereby eliminating traditional federated and roots-of-trust security models that continue to fail badly.

With Atakama, attackers are blocked from accessing data even when user credentials are compromised, and the network or systems are breached. Atakama integrates seamlessly into an enterprise’s pre-existing cybersecurity stack and can quickly be deployed on prem.

Protect Your Bottom Line With
Data Security Software from Atakama

Traditional encryption solutions are heavily dependent on identity and access management controls. User-credentialed applications, group privileges, and third-party data entitlements all require login credentials, which when successfully entered allow the “authorized” user to access everything they have been permissioned to see. Organizations that continue to associate these access controls with information security will eventually experience devastating results. Atakama’s multi-factor encryption is far more secure than the standard tools.

Regulatory Compliance
Most cybersecurity regulations now require encryption of data at rest. And it’s what customers have come to expect.

Stop File Exfiltration
Ransomware attacks that involve exfiltration are on the rise. Atakama can help nullify the harm from an attack and eliminate the threat of data exfiltration.

Advanced Endpoint Security
Encrypt files that need to be secured: earnings reports, HR, M&A, IP, legal, risk, regulatory, PII, etc.

Cloud Enablement
Switching from on-prem to cloud has never been safer. Atakama ensures that only encrypted versions of files live in the cloud.

Encrypted File Transfer
Emailing files to third parties securely is an essential need for every business. Atakama enables the secure transfer of files to external parties with a user-friendly workflow that ensures the intended recipient is the only person who will receive the files.

How it works

Location-based encryption without passwords
Simply drag and drop to encrypt files. This convenient user experience makes it easy and self explanatory for employee adoption.

Distributed key management
Each file saved to the Atakama-enabled location is automatically encrypted using AES with a 256 bit key. The unique key for each file is then automatically fragmented into “key shards” and distributed to users’ physical devices.

Untethered from identity and access management
Users open files using their mobile device. Simply tap approve and the file opens. Or launch a session during which multiple files can be opened without the need to tap approve for each file.

Seamless integration and deployment
Whether your business stores files on a
network drive, in the cloud, or a hybrid of
the two, Atakama is easily deployed and
installed within your existing environment.

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