Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct uses ‘deep learning’ as its core basis for its cybersecurity solution  platform. The Deep Instinct D-Brain uses ‘deep learning algorithms’ specifically designed for cybersecurity to deliver multiple benefits:  Zero-time prediction and prevention of unknown and known threats, broad attack surface protection, no operational headaches, no trade-off from existing security stack.

​We have a multi-layered endpoint predict, prevent and protection platform powered by deep learning.  Our solution delivers resilient prevention, prevention that you can count on. From our deep learning static analysis, automated threat analysis, and our real-time remediation, no other solution today can offer the same level of confidence.

Our single agent blocks known, unknown and unprecedented attacks in zero time, requiring zero effort. It protects endpoints like employees’ own devices even when they are off-site, offline, not-updated, use apps they shouldn’t. Our Deep Learning process is driven to pick-up and analyse 100% of the Raw Data compared to 2% with legacy Machine Learning. If a solution only uses 2% of the Raw Data then it cannot possibly be accurate, hence it misses many attacks and needs ‘human intervention’ to select and monitor the data-sets from ‘feature extraction’.

You no longer have to assume you will be breached, simply because you can now deploy a resilient prevention solution, and block it before it executes with our ‘pre-execution technology’ as prevention is far superior than cure.

Deep Instinct Solutions: Prevention Unlimited

Using a proprietary deep learning framework, Deep Instinct offers a zero-time threat prevention platform with
multilayer protection for any security need, against any known or unknown threat. It can be applied anywhere in the
enterprise, be it network perimeter, endpoints, mobiles, servers and VDIs.


  • Gateway-based solution
  • API-based solution integrates seamlessly with network solutions through REST-APIs, ICAP or SCAP
  • Provides a numerical verdict of the malicious status to support remediation response
  • Files can be transferred over gateways (web, email or network (FW), storage devices or cloud drives


  • Agent-based autonomous solution
  • Services multiple operating systems
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Chrome OS
  • Supports VDI environment
  • Online or offline protection
  • Lightweight model with low memory consumption


  • Agent-based autonomous solution
  • Services both iOS and Android
  • Lightweight model with low memory consumption


Predict & Prevent

  • Deep Static Analysis
  • File reputation service (D-cloud)
  • Script control
  • Blacklisting


Detect & Automatically Respond

  • Detect & Automatically Respond
  • Deep Behavioral Analysis
  • Automatic Threat Hunting & Response*


Automatically Analyze & Remediate

  • Deep Classification
  • Attack Chain
  • Advanced Threat Analysis
  • Remediation

Deep Learning, Not Just AI

Deep learning, also known as “deep neural networks” is the most advanced subset of artificial intelligence. It’s the first and only AI method capable of training directly on raw data and does not require feature engineering by a human expert. Deep learning is the only method that analyzes 100% of the raw data and can scale well to hundreds of millions of training samples. It continuously improves as the training data set becomes larger, and back propagation of values is tweaked to ensure greater predictive accuracy.

Among all other solutions to combat cyber threats, deep learning is proven to be most effective, resulting in unmatched detection rates and lowest false positives.

“Deep Instinct offers the very highest and most comprehensive protection today, helping IT and Cyber Security teams like yourselves cut down on manual workloads and traditional tools.” – SE Labs

Level of protection: Ransomware, Spyware, Exploits, File-less malware, File based malware(executables and non-executables and shellcodes).

  • We require NO UPDATES whatsoever
  • Requires no signatures
  • No operational head-aches
  • CPU averages less than 1% in total throughout the duration
  • Less than 150 Mg footprint
  • We can also be flexible being managed either: on-prem or in-the-cloud
  • Full Multi-Tenancy (MSSP Model) tailored to your configuration of choice.
  • Can also run off-line

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