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Black Kite is the only cyber risk ratings system built from a hacker’s perspective. Unlike other security ratings services, we know a rating is just a rating without the full picture. We offer the entire view of your cyber risk posture from a technical, financial and compliance perspective.

In 2016, Black Kite began its journey to redefine and offer a holistic approach to vendor risk management, building the world’s first security ratings service from a hacker’s perspective. With 200+ customers across the globe and counting, we’re committed to improving the health and safety of the entire planet’s cyber ecosystem with the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive cyber intelligence.

The Black Kite Solution

Technical Cyber Rating

The Black Kite Technical Rating provides easy-to-understand letter grades and defensible data details behind 20 risk categories. Using common frameworks developed by the MITRE Corporation, the non-intrusive report passively evaluates third parties, and does not touch an organization’s system or network assets. 

Questionnaire & Compliance Correlation

Black Kite correlates vendor cybersecurity questionnaire findings to industry standards and best practices, allowing you to measure the compliance level of any company for different regulations and standards, including NIST 800-53, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, Shared Assessments, and others. You can then share compliance control items and questions with vendors using Black Kite’s Strategy Report, or by directly inviting them to the platform.

Financial Risk Quantification

Using the Open FAIR™ model, Black Kite calculates the probable financial impact (risk) to your organization in the case of a cyber breach. Open FAIR™ is the only international standard Value at Risk (VaR) model for cybersecurity and operational risk. 

Ransomware Susceptibility Index™- RSI (New)

Ransomware has quickly become the largest cyber threat to today’s organizations, resulting in significant losses across the board. Using data and machine learning, Black Kite’s RSI discovers the likelihood that an organization will experience a ransomware attack, so you can easily understand which vendors are most prone to one. 

Why choose Black Kite?

Communicate risk intelligence throughout the organization with easy-to-understand letter grades calculated from 20 categories.

Trust your data that’s sourced from commonly-used frameworks created by the
MITRE corporation for scoring weaknesses consistently and transparently.

Measure risk in dollars and cents, using our Open FAIR™ model to estimate the
financial loss in the case of a breach.

Scale your third-party risk program with the largest global footprint of data that
provides immediate insight into your cyber ecosystem.

Get support from a team that’s just as committed to your risk program as you are,
which shows through our 5-star customer service rating from Gartner Peer Reviews.

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