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Fortra’s Alert Logic is the only managed detection and response (MDR) provider that delivers comprehensive coverage for public clouds, SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Since no level of investment prevents or blocks 100% of attacks, you need to continuously identify and address breaches or gaps before they cause real damage. With limited expertise and resource challenges, this level of security can seem out of reach. It isn’t with Alert Logic.

Their cloud-native technology and white-glove team of security experts protect your organisation 24/7 and ensures you have the most effective response to resolve whatever threats may come. Alert Logic – unrivalled security value delivered through MDR.

With two decades experience and over 4,000 customers, Alert Logic helped define the MDR market and are the original MDR service provider. Read their MDR Manifesto to understand the challenges MDR solves for and the security outcomes you should expect from an MDR provider.

Solve Your Cybersecurity Challenges with Fortra’s Alert Logic

Fortra’s Alert Logic provides managed detection and response, risk assessment, and visibility services. Different combinations of these services can be deployed under a node-based single license, based on the risk profile of the assets being protected.

Expert-Enabled Services

Alert Logic help customers who lack the internal expertise and resources to run an internal security operations centre. Alert Logic’s Security Operations Centre wields the skill of 150+ security professionals who monitor the environments of customers 24/7, to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

Comprehensive Coverage

Digital transformation and increased remote working demands have seen the adoption of new technologies scale for most businesses. With support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, hybrid, and on-premises environments, and integrations with hundreds of third-party applications, Alert Logic can secure any environment and scale alongside any organisation as they grow and adopt new technologies.

Simplified Security Operations

False positives, alert fatigue and incident prioritisation are common security operations challenges Alert Logic helps customers solve. With Alert Logic, detected security incidents are validated by a security analyst within a 15-minute SLA, meaning customers are only notified when a genuine threat requires attention.

24/7 Threat Visibility

Statistically, most cybersecurity incidents occur during evenings and weekends, yet many organisations don’t monitor their environment 24/7 due to the cost and resources required to manage this capability internally. Alert Logic’s cost-effective MDR solution provides peace of mind to customers as security experts monitor their environment 24/7, ready to detect and respond to threats as and when they emerge.

MDR Solutions

Fortra’s Alert Logic provides managed detection and response, risk assessment, and threat visibility services to reduce the likelihood and impact of a successful cyberattack. Different combinations of these services can be deployed under a node-based single license, based on the risk profile of the assets being protected.

MDR Essentials

Alert Logic MDR Essentials provides 24/7 hybrid visibility and vulnerability scanning, audit-ready reporting, and endpoint detection. This allows you to track asset movement and changes, identify exposures that could lead to compromise, and ultimately reduce your risk profile, using machine learning and behavioural analytics. As a subset of the Alert Logic MDR solution, MDR Essentials is ideal for lower-risk environments that do not contain sensitive data.

MDR Professional

Alert Logic MDR Professional provides 24/7 threat detection and incident management with a 15-minute triage SLA, MDR Concierge support, vulnerability scanning, asset visibility, and endpoint detection. Our global Security Operations Centre (SOC) is staffed by over 150 experts in security and information technology disciplines. They combine the Alert Logic MDR platform and purpose-built SOC tooling with decades of experience, to identify, prioritize and respond to threats in real time. MDR Professional includes the features available in MDR Essentials and is designed to protect your business-critical assets.

MDR Enterprise

The MDR Professional service can be augmented with MDR Enterprise, in which a veteran security analyst within Alert Logic SOC is assigned to your organisation to provide in-depth individualised evaluation, protection, and customised response services, leveraging the MDR Professional service. The security analyst becomes an extension of your staff, to develop intimate knowledge of your security operation and security goals, to enable bespoke recommendations for the continual advancement of your security posture and administer additional value-added services including threat hunting.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

For high criticality applications, Alert Logic offers a highly versatile, enterprise-level, cloud-ready WAF, ​complete with a team of experts who manage implementation, configuration and maintenance, eliminating the complexities of WAF management.

Three quarters of cloud deployments aren’t secure.
Is yours?

The Facts

Almost all organisations are in the cloud, but 83% of adopters are still concerned about cloud security.

When it comes to cloud deployments, 75% do NOT pass standard security configuration checks.

Gartner says, “Through 2023, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”

When surveyed, 81% of respondents reported a lack of visibility into all cloud environments through a single portal as a barrier to security, governance and compliance.

When tested, 90% of organisations fail the CIS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundation benchmarks for monitoring configurations and privileged user activities.

As the #1 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution for organisations born in the cloud or on their cloud journey, Alert Logic MDR is the industry standard for securing AWS.

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