CyGlass simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people. The CyGlass Cloud continuously analyzes the billions of conversations happening on your network, learns what is normal, and alerts when suspicious behaviors that risk the security of your critical IT assets are detected.

What can we help with?

Covid-19: Staying secure in a remote world

There is an additional need to facilitate remote working securely and there are a number of inflection points where cybercriminals are using the existing circumstances to compromise corporate networks. Businesses are struggling
to monitor all of the remote work activity and CyGlass believes that securing the VPN environment is critical to protecting crown jewels as we see a rise in threats such as vishing to corporate networks.

Ransomware: How to use your network against it

CyGlass can add intelligence to the firewall that enhance it to meet the challenges in ransomware detection and mitigation. The firewall can form the initial broad layer of defense, the behavioral detection can proactively analyze & understand any anomalies on your network that could indicate attack.

SIEM Efficiency and Replacement

SIEM tools are meant to address the lack of visibility into a company’s security vulnerabilities. The reality is that for many, SIEMs are too complicated or expensive to deploy. For others who have SIEM tools, the volume of false positives is an issue. CyGlass can augment or replace SIEM tools by giving unprecedented network visibility and prioritizing alerts. It’s
fast, efficient and effective.

CyGlass Features

Smart Inventory

  • CyGlass provides you with the deep knowledge of your network needed to effectively detect advanced cyberthreats.
  • Rich APIs CyGlass ingests real-time network traffic, learns your network, and establishes a baseline of normal behavior.
  • CyGlass identifies assets that have significant traffic and allows users to assign an underlying business value.

Pinpoints and Mitigates

  • CyGlass Smart Alerts guide analysts to focus on those emerging threats which pose the greatest risk and organizational impact.
  • CyGlass GUI provides a visual timeline mapping of the evolving threat, allowing analysts to drill down into the context of the threat for pre-emptive remediation.
  • CyGlass learns from feedback provided by SOC analysts to improve the priority and accuracy of Smart Alerts.

Smart Alerts

  • CyGlass uses a layered AI approach to reduce the massive volume of network traffic into Smart Alerts – prioritized by threat and risk.
  • Emulates human analyst thinking and contextualizes the nature of the threat in relation to the value of your assets.
  • Surfaces threats, including but not limited to command and control, unauthorized web and DNS activities, masqueraders (tunneling), credential compromise, rogue behaviors, low and slow, low and fast, insider threats, lateral movement, data exfil.


Ease of Deployment

CyGlass SaaS Analytics permit you to leverage either our AWS cloud service or your own private cloud. And don’t worry, if preferred, you can also deploy on-premise. No additional hardware, software or people required.

Appreciates in Value

CyGlass not only augments and multiplies the capabilities of the human analyst but also becomes more powerful and accurate in its dark threat detection the more it learns. It is the only security investment you make that appreciates in value over time.

Proven Military-grade Technology

Incubated in the most rigorous environments, CyGlass has unparalleled experience in utilizing advanced analytics, machine learning, and machine reasoning based anomaly detection solutions for strategic cyber defense operations.

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