CyberArk is the leading Identity Security provider, helping organizations secure access to critical business data and infrastructure, protect a distributed workforce, and accelerate business in the cloud. Built on a foundation of Privileged Access Management (PAM), CyberArk has evolved to protect against the leading causes of breaches – compromised identities and credentials. Privileged identities, credentials, and secrets allow anyone who gains possession of them to control critical resources, disable security systems, and access vast amounts of sensitive data.

Recognized for establishing the PAM category, CyberArk has expanded its vision to focus on Identity Security, while continuing to deliver the industry’s most complete solution for applying least privilege and reducing risk created by privileged credentials and secrets. Identity Security recognizes that the nature of privilege is rapidly changing and expanding in a world where the number, the types, and the interrelationships of identities are exploding. This dynamic is creating whole new dimensions to the threat landscape that, if improperly secured, can provide an attack path to an organization’s most valuable assets.

Free CyberArk Discovery & Audit Assessment

CyberArk Discovery & Audit (DNA) Assessment can help you uncover privileged accounts, credentials and secrets; build a business case for a privileged access management program; and prioritize the highest risk accounts that require attention first. Once you have the plan in place, the comprehensive CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution can help you proactively lock down privileged account credentials, secure and control privileged access, and continuously monitor user and account activity to rapidly detect threats.

Take the first step toward an improved security posture by getting a detailed privileged access risk assessment at no cost.

  • Locate privileged accounts on-premises, in the cloud and in DevOps environments.
  • Identify all privileged credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys, passwords hashes, AWS access keys and more.
  • Identify machines vulnerable to credential theft attacks and assess privileged access security risks.
  • Prevent credential theft and mitigate lateral movement

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Enforce Privilege

80% of security breaches involve compromised privilege credentials.

Privileged Access Manager

Continuously discover and manage privileged accounts and credentials, isolate and monitor privileged sessions and remediate risky activities across environments.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Enforce least privilege, control applications and prevent credential theft on Windows and Mac desktops and Windows servers to contain attacks.

Cloud Entitlements Manager

Improve visibility through continuous, AI-powered detection and remediation of hidden, misconfigured and unused permissions across cloud environments.

Vendor Privileged Access Manager

Enable secure remote vendor access to the most sensitive IT assets managed by CyberArk, without the need for VPNs, agents or passwords.

Empower Access

Passwords are not enough! With CyberArk’s Access Management solutions, you can let users in – while using AI to help keep threats out.

Workforce Identity

Empower your workforce with simple and secure access to business resources using single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Customer Identity

Delight your customers with easy and secure access to your apps that keep them loyal to your business.

Secure DevSecOps

Make sure secrets stay that way

CyberArk secrets management solutions enable applications and automation tools to securely access sensitive resources at scale – without burdening your developers.

3 Key Reasons to Secure Dev Environments – Workstations, Application Secrets, CI/CD Tool Consoles

Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise

Securely authenticate, centrally control and audit how applications, DevOps and automation tools use secrets and privileged credentials to access databases, cloud environments and other sensitive resources.

Conjur Secrets Manager Open Source

A freely available open-source solution to securely authenticate and control how applications, and DevOps tools use secrets and privileged credentials to access databases, cloud environments and other sensitive resources.

Credential Providers

Secure third-party software such as vulnerability scanners, RPA, automation tools, and IT management platforms by managing the credentials they need to complete their jobs. Protect business-system data and simplify operations by securely delivering credentials to static home-grown mission critical applications running at scale.

Want to know more? Watch our CyberArk Labs Webinar

Ransomware is widely known to be one of the most pervasive and dangerous cyberthreats. Even though it has been around since 1989 it’s managed to become the fastest growing type of cybercrime during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Research firm Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the global annual damage costs of ransomware to businesses will top $20 billion in 2021. Dynamic ransomware attacks can quickly spread throughout a company, impairing user productivity and disrupting business. 
The first step in the fight against ransomware is to expose it – to explore the different strains, what they have in common and what it is that makes them unique. The team at CyberArk Labs analyzes 100s of new ransomware samples each day and in this webinar, Andy Thompson and Brandon Traffanstedt disclose their findings of evaluating more than 3 million samples to-date. 
Find out about: 

  • The surge and types of ransomware prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • How ransomware has evolved over the years to become such a formidable threat, including the role of Bitcoin 
  • The kill-chain and path to encryption of today’s modern, dynamic ransomware 
  • A review of mitigation strategies and recommendations
Ransomware Exposed: Key Learnings from Examining 3 Million Samples

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