Enterprise Ready Zero-Standing Privilege: The right access at the right time, across every workload

With rapid innovation comes the rapid scaling and adoption of infrastructure. To fuel this innovation, the number of privileged users (on-call developers, admins, SREs) is growing and evolving constantly. With this growth in new technologies, and privileged users to support them, comes new threats. It is, therefore, no surprise that 74% of breached organizations admitted the breach involved access to a privileged account (2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report).

The problem: Prevalence of undetected 24X7 PRIVILEGED ACCESS SPRAWL

Undiscovered, always changing privileges

Today, there is no automated way for organizations to discover and inventory all the privileged access across the enterprise. Traditional privileged access management (PAM) vendors with vaults only protect known privilege, and have no visibility into the sprawl of 24x7x365 administrator privilege across an enterprise.

Unnecessary standing access = Larger attack surface

Standing privileged user access without business justification allows hackers to move laterally and spread identity-based threats such as ransomware across a network. It is imperative to remove these standing privileged accounts across Windows, Linux and Mac systems and replace them with appropriate access directly to user accounts just for the time needed.

High friction user experience for administrators

Administrators managed through a password vault have to checkout a generic or shared ID and get approval every time there is an incident. This approach slows down their ability to respond quickly,
thereby increasing Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) and impacting uptime.

Incomplete, inaccurate view of risk posture

The number of privileged accounts across the enterprise is a key indicator of an organization’s overall risk posture. Today, there is no way to comprehensively report on this risk across an enterprise, nor there is a way to report on how the risk posture has evolved over time.

Remediant SecureONE – Stop Lateral Movement Attacks By Providing the Right Just-In-Time Admin Access with MFA

Remediant SecureONE was purpose built to address this problem and be a force multiplier to Identity and Access Management (IAM) and PAM programs worldwide. Specifically, SecureONE was developed to:

1. Rapidly deploy, scan and inventory Windows, Linux and Mac privileged access with no agent
2. Continuously monitor
3. Remove standing access enterprise-wide with a single action
4. Administer privileges Just-In-Time (JIT) using MFA and with no shared accounts.

How it works: The Enterprise-Ready, Zero-Standing Privilege Model

The SecureONE platform leverages the power of Remediant’s patented enterprise-wide Zero-Standing Privilege (ZSP) model to deliver the following key capabilities:

Agent-less, single virtual appliance deployment

Deployment requires no agents on endpoints. The SecureONE management console can be set up as a single virtual or physical appliance.

Dynamic visibility

SecureONE constantly scans for and discovers privileged access across the infrastructure, acting as a single source of truth for reporting the distribution of privileged access (150,000 endpoints in approximately 2-3 hours).

Technology Ecosystem Integrations

SecureONE integrates with technology partners such as SIEMs (Splunk), EDRs (VMware Carbon Black, CrowdStrike), Service Desk (ServiceNow), Asset Management (Axonius), and PAM policy monitoring and enforcement (SailPoint) to provide real-time context into all privilege escalations.

Single-action Access Reduction

Users may be removed from administrator groups across all endpoints with a single click. Enabling this takes milliseconds per endpoint with no additional software.

Just-In-Time Administration with MFA and no shared accounts

Privileged access is elevated instantly upon request using the user’s own credentials. MFA is used to authenticate the request and access is removed after a pre-determined amount of time.

State of Privileged Access Reporting

Ability to continuously report on how privileged access risk (number of privileged accounts) has evolved over time across the enterprise.

Key Benefits

Prevent lateral movement of compromised privileged accounts early to stop attackers from spreading identity-based threats such as ransomware and phishing.

Reduce the attack surface by removing 24X7 admin access sprawl and replacing with JIT administration to ensure Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP).

Simplify deployment and management. Remediant SecureONE is agentless. This architectural approach dramatically reduces the complexity of employing yet another agent and simplifies support and management.

Enable Zero Trust security with MFA to provide the right access to the right resources for just the right amount of time.

Enhance the value of our technology partners and improve the security risk posture of organizations by providing PAM context.

Complement and secure traditional PAM implementations with visibility into undetected 24×7 admin access sprawl in organizations.

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