Providing encryption for Microsoft Teams conversations and file sharing

HighSide is the industry leader in Zero Trust Cloud Storage, Collaboration & Access Controls for the Enterprise, ensuring employees can store, share, access and collaborate with sensitive data in a secure and compliant environment.

Microsoft Teams is ideal for online collaboration, where easy access is the top priority – but when users need to extend the conversation and share regulated data, intellectual property or sensitive business communications, HighSide’s SecureTeams extension has them covered.

Bringing end-to-end encryption to Microsoft Teams for the first time, the HighSide extension allows you to securely encrypt messages and files sent through your existing Teams deployment.

Built atop SecureOS and deployed with just a few clicks, the encryption extension helps your team easily and efficiently safeguard sensitive information against attackers, data breaches and even limits risks associated with insider threats and privileged users. It can also help your organization meet various compliance frameworks ranging from HIPAA to ITAR/export controls.

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SecureTeams Enables Organizations to…

Eliminate Phishing Risk

Eliminating reliance on user credentials eliminates the impact of user phishing for data stored on internal and 3rd party platforms.

Click-Button Encryption for All Your Existing Microsoft Teams Users

Seamlessly give your users the ability to send and receive encrypted messages, files and documents on all devices where they currently use Microsoft Teams.

Ensure Compliance, Achieve Data Security

Meet regulatory compliance requirements including ITAR, CMMC, and HIPAA, and more with one click end-to-end encryption. It’s as easy as attaching a file.

Reduce Insider Threat Risks Across Microsoft Teams

Reduce insider threat by ensuring your Microsoft 365 admins can’t access sensitive communications.

Share Regulated Data, Intellectual Property & Sensitive Data Across Microsoft Teams

Enhance the value of Teams by ensuring every day and sensitive conversations can take place in the same environment. Increase productivity by enabling the sharing of proprietary documents to users and groups alike.

Avoid EKM Overhead and Security Gaps with Seamless Encryption Plug-in

Encryption key management is behind the scenes and ultra-secure eliminating the need for enterprise key management.

Why choose SecureTeams?

The Complete HighSide Product Suite


HighSide’s secure collaboration platform, SecureCollab, bridges the gap between data security requirements and business productivity demands. A modern collaboration environment built for security conscious organizations and regulated industries, provides a true end-to-end encrypted environment complete with the features and functionality your employees demand.


HighSide’s zero trust access & identity management application fulfills the promise that authentication security should enable users, not confound them. Broker access with or without credentials to internal and 3rd party systems via HighSide’s distributed private root of trust Identity environment and integrated user management.


SecureDrive ensures data portability without sacrificing data security, compliance and real-time access controls. Fully encrypted file sharing & cloud storage merges the ease of use employees expect from consumer grade systems, with the data security and compliance controls enterprise’s require.


Encrypted messaging integrated directly into Microsoft Teams ensures both sensitive and every day business conversations can take place in the same place. Push-button deployment brings end-to- end encryption to Microsoft Teams, allowing users to securely encrypt messages and files sent through your existing Teams deployment across all devices. features you can’t find elsewhere. 

With HighSide, you can:

Securely Store & Share Files in the Cloud

With HighSide’s e-2-e encryption and distributed trust architecture, your data is secure at rest, safe in transit and readily available for user collaboration.

Collaborate with Sensitive Data & Ensure Compliance

HighSide gives organizations the ability to collaborate on sensitive projects, share confidential information and ensure compliance with all major governance regimes such as ITAR, HIPAA, CMMC, FINRA, FFIEC, GDPR, SEC and more.

Deploy On-Prem & FedRAMP Impact Level 6

HighSide can be run within isolated computing environments meeting Impact Level 5 (IL5) and Impact Level 6 (IL6) requirements as defined by the US DoD Cloud Security Requirements Guide.

Broker Access & Authentication with Zero Trust

Guarantee only those authorized (and in authorized locations, on authorized devices, etc) can access sensitive information – and do it in a seamless manner for both administrative staff and end users. 

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