Siriux provides SaaS vulnerability assessment tools to help organizations of any size to understand and improve their SaaS security posture and prevent reconnaissance and data exfiltration.

Siriux takes risk management for SaaS seriously. Our Quick Scans and Vulnerability Assessments help identify and remediate significant security vulnerabilities throughout SaaS products.

In 2020, after three years of R&D, Siriux experts released two types of SaaS Vulnerability Assessment tools for Microsoft 365 – Quick Scans and Vulnerability Assessments. These tools use PowerShell and Graph API data collection capabilities to help any organization understand its current SaaS security posture.

Coupled with these tools, Siriux Analysts provide expert recommendations on which areas within an organization’s SaaS products to reconfigure based on each organization’s business and security needs. The organization then implements remediation based on its unique business and security priorities.

The Stats (AKA What You Need To Know)

When implementing a SaaS product within your organization, you inherit its default security posture. Although these defaults are fine for organizations with low security risk, these defaults might not adequately protect your sensitive internal and client data.

These services can have more than 7,500 default settings per user, with 30% of these settings directly affecting security. New updates and features are frequently released for SaaS products which can pose new security risks and inadequately documented default settings.

Staying up to date with these settings requires extensive programming skills and security know-how because many of these 7,500+ settings are not visible through the admin portals.

The Siriux Tools

Siriux provides two types of SaaS Vulnerability Assessment Tools:

  1. Quick Scans
  2. Vulnerability Assessments

Quick Scans

Dark Halo Quick Scan

Developed with a team of international M365 security experts, this scan highlights configurations that are known to be used by attackers after initial breach.

Compared with our competitors, the Dark Halo Quick Scan assesses more vulnerabilities within your SaaS products. For example, Siriux assesses 35 Azure AD security settings compared with only 12 by Microsoft and 16 by CIS.

Unlike CrowdStrike and FireEye, whose tools are primarily forensics-oriented, the Dark Halo Quick Scan helps you manage future risk.

The Dark Halo Quick Scan includes an assessment report that provides additional information on how to configure the controls to improve your M365 security posture and prevent reconnaissance and data exfiltration.

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Understanding the Dark Halo M365 Attack

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments are currently only available for M365. Assessments for Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow are coming soon.

Customize your Vulnerability Assessment by selecting the frequency of your assessment – from multiple times per day to once per year – and selecting which services you would like to assess.

M365 Vulnerability Assessment

This tool assesses more than 120 M365 configurations, including those in the Dark Halo Quick Scan.

The M365 Vulnerability Assessment covers the following services:

  • Exchange Online
  • Teams
  • M365 Cross-Tenant Settings
  • Dark Halo Quick Scan

With optional assessments of:

  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Endpoint Manager (Intune)
  • Azure AD

Each M365 Vulnerability Assessment includes an Analysis Report that provides additional information on how to configure the controls to improve your M365 security posture and prevent reconnaissance and data exfiltration.

Using this report, a Siriux Analyst provides expert recommendations on how to craft the organization’s remediation strategy.

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Example report, page 2

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