The Evolution Of Cyber Security & Trends To Watch For

There is no doubt that the world has gone through massive changes over the past few years. We have faced pandemics, lockdowns, wars, supply chain issues and economic crises. 

As the whole world moves online, large-scale innovations have been boosted. To infosec enthusiasts, this raises an interesting question: what is in store for the industry? 

So in this episode, we’re joined by Oliver Rochford of Securonix to have a debate on this question. As Oliver said, technology had been around for a while, but the crisis accelerated adoption and scalability.  

Security is now not just confined to technology, now we are discussing the concept of the citizen developer. 

We discussed how the infosec industry is witnessing a rise in the entry from different skill sets, the struggle of cyber security providers and setting realistic expectations for the level of security that can be delivered. 

Tune into this episode to discover our observations about the future of information and cyber security. Listen to this episode on your favourite podcasting platform. 

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In this episode, we covered the following topics: 

  •  What direction is infosec heading in? 
  • Why is cyber security more important than ever since the pandemic? 
  • Why does it seem so hard for businesses to hire a security provider that fits their needs? 
  • Concept of “citizen developers” and the need for better tools in information security 
  • Is there a shortage of skilled and experienced people in infosec? 
  • Who is ultimately responsible for security in an organisation? 
  • Is there a limit to what cyber security can offer an organisation? 
  • A look at the struggles of people in the information security field and the positive aspects 
  • How AI and machine learning can help cybersecurity 
  • What are the benefits of storytelling skills in cyber security? 
  • What is the role of PR in cyber security crisis management? 
  • Our final thoughts on the direction cyber security are heading in. 


Oliver Rochford  

–  has worked in cyber security as a penetration tester, consultant and  industry analyst for over 20 years 

Oliver has worked in cyber security as a penetration tester, consultant, researcher, and industry analyst for over 20 years. Interviewed, cited, and quoted by media, think tanks, and academia, he has written for SecurityWeek, CSO Online and Dark Reading. While working at Gartner, he co-named the Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) market, worked on the SIEM Magic Quadrant, and also covered the European MSSP Market. Prior to joining Securonix, Oliver worked for Qualys, Verizon, Gartner and Tenable. Oliver is a Senior Director and Security Evangelist at Securonix. 

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