The Interview Series: Corey Williams, CyberArk

Grab a coffee and join us for a chat with CyberArk’s Head of Identity Security Marketing, Corey Williams. If you don’t know them already, CyberArk are leaders in identity security and access management. We talk about how the pandemic has changed the way businesses can (and should!) adopt technology to improve business processes and the challenges that come with this, including how to tackle a lack of understanding and improving communication within your organisation.

Corey tells us about why we should be focusing on accelerating digital business initiatives and using changes in the way we use identity to make better decisions and identify – and mitigate – risks. We talk about cyber security trends and what processes we need to adopt for success in this digitally focused way of working.

Finally Corey shares his thoughts on the best way to progress in a career in infosec, certifications to work for and the key skills to work on.

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