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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance has been a legal requirement since 2018. GDPR compliance is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). The data protection legislative requirements, coupled with increasing client and stakeholder privacy expectations, pose a number of challenges for any business.

Your organisation will need to:

  • Know what personal data it holds or processes
  • Have a clear understanding of the risks to that data
  • Adapt its business processes and infrastructure to conform with the latest laws
  • Implement tools and compliance processes
  • Transform the way it collaborates with suppliers
GDPR Compliance

Benefits of GDPR Compliance

Avoid non-compliance penalties (£17.8 million or 4% of the organisation’s annual revenue)

GDPR isn’t just an obligation, it’s there to help businesses manage, regulate and analyse its data most effectively. However, the regulations are there to keep this data secure sand failure to do so can result in penalties, both monetary and other warnings and reprimands.

Greater consumer confidence and enhanced business reputation

Showing your customers or clients that you comply with GDPR proves that your organisation looks after data securely and has the necessary frameworks in place to keep the data safe. GDPR ensures that data requested is for a valid purpose and with full consent, ensuring greater consumer trust.

Updated and more effective technology

As part of GDPR compliance, organisations are required to bring their network, endpoints and application security up to a certain standard, which is most efficiently and cost-effectively done by employing the latest technologies that will allow you to better manage and analyse your data.

Assurance that your data is accurate, secure and organised

68% of large firms encountered cyber attacks in the last year and the scale and sophistication of attacks are growing. Under GDPR, organisations need to identify their security strategy and establish control over their entire network. A GDPR compliant framework will improve an organisation’s basic security levels and reduce the overall impact of a data breach.

A more effective marketing strategy

Anyone who’s ever sent mailshots, digital or traditional, to ‘subscribers’ knows that it’s hit and miss that those communications will ever be opened, let alone read or acted upon. A click through rate from a marketing email of 2% is considered ‘good’ and even that doesn’t guarantee a sale. The cost efficiency of such a scattergun approach is through the floor. GDPR requires that you only communicate with subscribers who have actively opted in to receiving content from you. This way, you know they’re already a warm lead and are expecting to hear from you. They are more likely to open and respond to communications, increasing the cost effectiveness of your campaign.

GDPR Compliance – The Razorthorn Approach

1. Gap Analysis and Assessment

We will assess your current standing against the GDPR and the DPA 2018. We will help identify, highlight and prioritise areas where improvement is needed to become compliant with the regulations.

2. Remediation Roadmap

Our team of qualified data protection experts will help your organisation with a variety of best practice solutions. After we have evaluated your GDPR compliance position, we will develop a remediation roadmap and advise the implementation of a best-fit data compliance framework.

3. Project Management

Once we have identified where the deficiencies lie and developed a roadmap, we can assist you in determining how long it will take to remediate the issues and the potential cost of doing so, all overseen by an experienced project manager.

4. Fully Tailored Solutions

Whether you are an SME or a multinational, we can tailor our GDPR services to your particular needs.

Why Razorthorn?

  • While the GDPR directive is relatively new, it takes over from the previous Data Protection Directive which was set up in the 90s and we have been helping organisations adhere to throughout our 13 years in business.
  • Our way of working ensures we take care of the whole process from beginning to end, allowing internal teams to work on other projects.
  • We are trusted and globally recognised with a reputation for delivering on data privacy projects of all sizes.
  • Our team of experienced data protection experts will help your organisation with a variety of best practice solutions, from evaluating your GDPR compliance position and developing a remediation roadmap through to implementing a best-fit data compliance framework.
  • Whether you are an SME or a multinational, we can tailor our GDPR compliance services to your particular needs.

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