Link11 is the leading European IT security provider in the field of cyber-resilience headquartered in Germany, with sites worldwide in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.  The cloud-based security services are fully automated, react in real-time and defend against all attacks, including unknown and new patterns, in under 10 seconds.  According to unanimous analyst opinion (Gartner, Forrester) Link11 offers the fastest detection and mitigation (TTM) available on the market. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recognizes Link11 as a qualified DDoS protection provider for critical infrastructures.

To ensure cyber-resilience, web and infrastructure DDoS protection, Bot Management, Zero Touch WAF and Secure CDN Services among others provide holistic and cross-platform hardening of business’ networks and critical applications.  The 24/7 operated Link11 Security Operation Center, which is located at sites in Germany and Canada according to the follow-the-sun principle, provides the reliable operation of all systems and manages the expansion of the global MPLS network with 41 PoPs and more than 4 Tbps capacity. Guaranteed protection bandwidths of up to 1Tbps provide maximum reliability.  International customers can thus concentrate on their business and digital growth. Since the company was founded in 2005, Link11 has received multiple awards for its innovative solutions and business growth.

What are DDoS Attacks?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack attempts to overwhelm an Internet-connected asset with the aim of making it unavailable to legitimate users. It does this by exhausting a finite resource — usually the sheer volume of traffic an asset is capable of handling — over a prolonged period, making normal use impossible. In a typical DDoS attack, the attacker sends a large number of requests to the targeted asset, aiming to exceed the asset’s capacity to handle that type of request. Since the asset is now ‘exhausted’ in that area, legitimate users cannot interact with it properly.

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How does DDoS work?

Volumetric Attacks

Classic flooding attacks that aim to exceed the maximum bandwidth of a targeted asset. These attacks take advantage of Internet protocols like UCP and ICMP, which don’t require the receiving asset to ‘accept’ each packet of data. Most modern volumetric attacks use botnets (armies of Internet-connected devices enslaved by malware) to overwhelm targets with a massive volume of data packets.

Protocol Attacks

Also called ‘traffic attacks’, protocol attacks consume server resources rather than pure bandwidth. Unlike volumetric attacks, which rely on data volume, protocol attacks force target servers (and other equipment like firewalls) to respond to more data packets than they can handle. The targeted asset becomes overwhelmed and can no longer serve legitimate users.

Application Attacks

Unlike volumetric and protocol attacks, which overwhelm the infrastructure responsible for serving a web asset, application attacks target the asset itself. Using a flood of application-layer requests (e.g., HTTP GET/POST requests) these attacks exhaust the capabilities of a targeted website or application.

DDoS Protection by Link11

Link11 offers two solutions at once with its patented 360-degree DDoS protection to either protect critical network infrastructures or fend off attacks against web applications.

Security solution 1: DDoS infrastructure protection

With the help of Link11’s DDoS protection solution, your network infrastructures are protected around the clock via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). All of this is automated, without any human involvement. This ensures straightforward and effective handling of potential threats and an infrastructure that remains unaffected during a DDoS attack.

Security solution 2: Web DDoS protection

At the core of Link11’s patented DDoS protection is a complex and self-learning AI that analyzes and stops attacks in a fraction of a second. Together with our fingerprint technology, which classifies every visitor in the background according to threat level using hundreds of parameters, web applications are safe from negative influences around the clock.

SLA to the power of three at all levels, vectors, and platforms

360-degree DDoS Protection

  • Patented reliable and self-learning AI that prevents human errors
  • SLA guaranteed real-time response for all vectors at all levels within 0-10 seconds of an attack
  • SLA guaranteed protection bandwidths up to 1000 Gbps within our own global multi-terabit network
  • SLA guaranteed service uptime up to 99,99%
  • Always-on service at no additional cost
  • Protection unlimited in time, no matter how long the attack may last
  • Our cloud-based solution works independently of the platforms of use

Your advantages of the patented Link11 anti DDoS solution

Protect your web pages and IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks on all levels

Self-Learning AI Shield

One Step Ahead

All attacks that Link11 fends off are stored in a sequence database. The self-learning AI of the anti DDoS solution analyses each attack sequence and compares it in real time with threat patterns. All protected companies benefit from this, as similar incidents are anticipated, and an ever-faster response is achieved.

Zero Time-to-Mitigate

Always on – guaranteed

Real-time mitigation for a DDoS attack takes effect within 0 to 10 seconds – for each attack vector. If you choose the Always-On variant via BGP, Link11 offers 24/7 support and automatically detects and mitigates attacks. Human error can thus be excluded. With guaranteed protection bandwidths. Without any cost traps in case of long-lasting attacks.

Protection on all layers

360° Protection

Thanks to the intelligent architecture, all types of DDoS attacks are comprehensively fended off. Depending on connection and booked service with Web DDoS and/or infrastructure DDoS protection, Link11 offers reliable defense against DDoS attacks on layers 3 to 7 and is ready for use within minutes.

Cloud-Based service

No investment risks

Expensive investments in additional hardware and tedious training of your staff are no longer necessary. Link11 DDoS protection runs entirely in the cloud and automatically evolves constantly, so protection measures are always kept up to date. So, you can focus entirely on your business – without any distractions.

Patented Technology

Innovation for our customers

The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) has granted Link11 a patent on its cutting-edge DDoS protection technology.

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