The Cyber Security Skills Shortage

In this episode, I am joined by Josh Davies and Keith Christie-Smith to talk about what the cyber security skills shortage means for the industry and how we can address this. 

Josh explains how the pandemic affected the problem while Keith emphasises how essential people, policies and procedures are in cyber security in addition to the technological tools. We talk about the current situation in the industry and what we can do to bring more talent into it. 

Ultimately, we can begin to address the cyber security skills shortage by actually talking about it. Help us close the skills gap in cyber security by listening to this episode.

In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • Defining cyber security skills shortage and how to address it
  • The current situation in the cybersecurity industry 
  • What to expect if you want to be an information security professional
  • The importance of people, policies and procedures in cyber security 
  • The effect of the pandemic on the cyber security industry
  • Closing the knowledge and skills gap in cyber security
  • How sparking discussion on addressing the skills shortage and leveraging remote work setup can bring more people into the industry
  • Introducing the idea of cyber security in schools and universities with support from the government

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Josh Davies

Josh Davies is a Product Manager at Fortra by Alert Logic. Formerly a Security Analyst and Solutions Engineer, Josh has hands-on experience in incident response and threat-hunting activities before working with organisations to identify appropriate security solutions. Josh continues to be closely involved with security operations and threat research. 

Keith Christie-Smith

Keith is a sales director with Claroty, covering the Government, Defence and Healthcare verticals. Keith has worked in the cyber security field for both vendors and resellers. He has been in cyber security for over a decade having worked in IT-managed services for almost a decade beforehand. 

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