Modern Cybersecurity: Post Pandemic Review Of Defence in Depth

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In this episode, we delve into the topic of defence in the post-pandemic world with our esteemed guests, Jonathan Care and Christopher Fielder. We talked about why it’s more important than ever for organisations to adequately adapt their cybersecurity capabilities to meet the requirements of remote working and why it’s essential to have multiple layers of security to detect and respond to threats before they reach critical endpoints. 

During our conversation, we discussed the importance of due diligence when considering a cloud-first approach or involving a detailed supply chain. We also highlighted the challenges faced by security teams and departments during the pandemic, as well as the rise of ransomware groups and the use of AI in cybersecurity. 

“The pandemic has really shown that we need to be more agile and more adaptable.”

Jonathan Care

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • The breakdown of the traditional network perimeter.
  • Changes in management styles and the need for a radical reset.
  • The impact of the pandemic on different sectors, such as retail and finance, and the dramatic shift in consumer behaviour.
  • Transition to remote work [00:09:17] Discussion on the impact of the pandemic on the traditional network perimeter and the shift to remote work, including the subordinate relationship between security and IT teams.
  • The focus on AI and machine learning to compensate for the lack of skilled infosec professionals.
  • The impact of AI on defence in depth and the risks of implementing AI within an organisation without considering security.
  • The flaws in relying solely on endpoint security 
  • How working from home has exposed flaws in security architectures and highlighted the rise of cyber threats.
  • What is the traditional approach to defence in depth, and how has it been adapted to changes in technology and working environments.
  • What are the difficulties organisations face when it comes to re-engineering defence in depth, such as budget, and how to overcome them.
  • The importance of due diligence in cloud and supply chain security 
  • An example of a defence in depth breakdown.
  • Asset-based security and the importance of 2FA.


Jonathan Care

Jonathan Care is a recognised expert in the field of cybersecurity & fraud detection. A former top-rated Gartner analyst, Care was responsible for defining the Fraud market, and leading Gartner’s Insider Threat and Risk research. He regularly advises cybersecurity industry leaders on strategic growth and has worked with key figures in industry and government across the globe. He is a lead contributor for Dark Reading, an industry-defining publication. He has testified in court as an expert witness and forensic investigator and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society. He also fuels his creative passion as a composer of film/TV music.  

Social media: @jonathanhcare &  

Chris Fielder

Christopher Fielder has been in the cybersecurity world for over 20 years, with experience in a range of military, government, and corporate environments. From this background, Christopher holds 18 industry certifications along with a Master’s Degree in Information Security.

While much of his career has involved traditional hands-on keyboard security roles that covered offensive, defensive, and analytics security positions, today he is the Field CTO for Arctic Wolf. This position allows him to research emerging security topics and remain at the forefront of highlighting the expertise of the entire Arctic Wolf team.

Resources Mentioned

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LionFish Security 

Dark Reading 

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