LogicGate is a diverse group of visionaries and boundary-pushers on a mission to challenge complacency in GRC. Their roots can be traced to GRC consulting, where the founders and customer success team spent many collective years witnessing the pains of regulatory, risk, and compliance professionals up-close.

The LogicGate Risk Cloud is a GRC platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to help organizations transform mission critical governance, risk, and compliance processes by enhancing controls, increasing flexibility, and reducing risk.

The Risk Cloud platform enables organizations to easily create solutions to solve the challenges of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. The Risk Cloud’s preconfigured process templates can be easily customized and deployed to solve the most critical GRC issues, such as Exterprise Risk Management, Policy Management, GDPR, Regulatory Compliance, and more.

LogicGate Risk Cloud

The Center of Your Risk Ecosystem

Flexibility. Scalability. Collaboration. All things you’d like to have as part of your risk program, right? We’ve got the platform to help make that happen. Risk Cloud’s cloud-based platform gives you the Applications and resources to master risk management. With a wide breadth of expert GRC content and an adaptable platform that scales with your business, your company can move from reactive risk management to strategic risk investment.

Make Smarter Risk Decisions

Show stakeholders the power of taking smart risks by quantifying risks into a language that everyone understands

Drive Revenue Through Risk Opportunities

Discover revenue potential with a proactive risk mindset and technology that doesn’t get in your way

Experience Limitless GRC

Invest in agile technology that fits you now and scales for the future of your risk program

Break Down Silos

Risk in unison across your enterprise with better communication and a clear view of your strategy’s gaps and overlap

Boost Productivity

Automate manual processes to save time where it matters most with an agile platform that frees you up to do more important work

Risk Partner

Use purpose-built solutions for your biggest risk challenges designed by GRC experts that are on your side

Why Customers Choose Risk Cloud

With so many GRC solutions out there, how do you choose? Here’s what separates Risk Cloud from the rest of the pack.

The Fast Track to Business Value

It won’t be long before you start seeing why customers rave about LogicGate.

  • Risk Cloud can be fully implemented within 100 days – which means you’re realizing operational efficiencies from automating manual processes as quickly as possible
  • You’ll have access to 35+ process templates – aligned to industry best practices such as ISO27001, COSO, FAIR(Factor Analysis of Information Risk), PCI etc – that can easily be configured to meet your needs. You can also design workflows bespoke to your own needs from scratch via the easy no code workflow design builder
  • Expertise and solutions to address a holistic approach within GRC  from Risk Management, Policy Management, Incident Management, Supplier Management, DPIA/DPAR Management to ESG to PCI and ISO27001 Audit Compliance ( or maybe call out the use cases you hear from clients)

Configurability & Flexibility Visibility

How many GRC solutions can adapt and grow with your business needs over time? Only one: Risk Cloud. It’s after implementation that the power of Risk Cloud really comes to life.

  • Customize every aspect of your process through permissions- and roles-based software and dead-simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Modify and update your processes without the need for additional change orders or IT support
  • Scale your business without fear that you’ll outgrow your GRC system – Risk Cloud evolves and adapts along with your business requirements

Ease of Use

From its no-code, drag-and-drop process builder to its user-friendly dashboards, the entire Risk Cloud experience is designed with business users in mind.

  • Empower your users to quickly modify processes as business and regulatory needs dictate – no need for coding know-how, corporate IT, or consultants
  • Simple process automation and automated notifications keep stakeholders in the loop and projects on track

Powerful Relationships

With Risk Cloud, you’ll have the power to link different parts of your GRC program together to create new perspectives and reveal new insights. You’re limited only by your imagination.

  • Start from anywhere – whether you need to comply with a single framework or automate and streamline a single process – and easily add more frameworks or processes as your program matures
  • Aggregate data, collaborate across teams, and spin up reports from disparate parts of your system thanks to a flexible data model that permits many-to-many relationships


Thanks to our intuitive interface and powerful reporting functionality, you’ll always have the information you need to run your GRC program effectively.

  • Pull reports into dashboards that paint the immediate, comprehensive picture of your business
  • Arm yourself with a crystal-clear snapshot of your current situation — including risk owners, mitigations, tasks, statuses, and productivity analytics
  • Quickly identify gaps or coverage lapses in your risk and regulatory programs

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