Watch: Interview with Richard Cassidy

Today we take a fascinating dive into the psychology behind cyber security with Exabeam’s Senior Director of Security Strategy, Richard Cassidy.

From how to deal with negative attitudes and passive aggressive behaviour at work to challenging the negative stereotypes of infosec staff, Richard shares his approach to creating positive and productive working relationships.

As we all know, ransomware is rife at particularly at the moment, and Richard tells us about the psychology behind the attacks, what tactics to watch out for and why they are so successful. He also tells us about the importance of story telling when it comes to an attack or a breach – a security incident never happens in isolation, so what are the most important things we must consider when it comes to mitigation?

We also take a look at how to make use of successful security strategies from other industries when improving our own and Richard gives his advice for a successful career in infosec and what he looks for in new candidates.

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